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Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

Passionate Scorpio, a Water Sign, is ruled by forceful Mars, God of War and seething Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Aquarius, an Air Sign, is ruled by structured Saturn, Lord of Karma and unpredictable Uranus (sudden upheavals; unexpected changes).

This creates a powerful mixture that can really set the cat among the pigeons. Fuelled by Scorpio’s volatility and your fervid imagination, the sexual high-jinks will be quite out of the ordinary.

Both Scorpio and Aquarius are Fixed Signs, so the attraction will be intense, but in the longer term it will be rather a case of the irresistible force colliding with the immovable object. You’ll find it hard to come to terms with Scorpio’s air of mystery and with that self-contained area which is very much a no-go zone for you. Watch that you are not turned off by Scorpio’s powerful and jealous passions, and control those unpredictable moods, which the Scorp finds intriguing at first but eventually tiresome.

Scorpio wants a committed consort, but one who can be controlled. You are more likely looking for a comrade-in-arms, a companion in adventure, with friendly exuberant sex thrown in. Even-tempered and somewhat emotionally detached, you find it hard to put up with Scorpio’s habit of seething for days before erupting like a furious volcano. Scorpio can also be very possessive and jealous, something that goes against your more tolerant grain. You love change and variety, liking nothing more than exploring the outcomes of your grand ideas. Scorpio on the other hand prefers to dive straight to the nitty-gritty of the relationship, exulting in the exploration of emotional power and commitment. So if it’s a challenge you want, Scorpio will give it to you!

If the attraction is strong, as it might be if the Moon Signs or other factors are compatible, you’ll need to find a common ground from which to build a long-term understanding of each other. Scorpio finds your even-tempered, friendly nature devoid of passion and may attempt to create scenes, just to get a rise out of you. The scorpion is secretive and likes to manipulate, while Aquarius prefers to be open and up-front. This is quite a challenging match, but one that could be great, if you can reach satisfactory compromises and maintain common interests.