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Aries and Aries Compatibility

When two Cardinal Fire Signs meet in a love match, the sparks can be seen for miles. This is fire meets fire. The Ram is inclined to do things in bursts of enthusiasm, so two Rams together might move from a first date to the altar (or at least to the bedroom) in the time it takes the rest of us to move to a first name basis.

The Ram is a leader and a pioneer who loves to come first, or be at the head of the queue. Thus you’ll both itching to show off for your new love. You’ll demonstrate your wares, recount your achievements and boast about your dreams at death-defying speeds. The meeting of two Rams can make for a fascinating mating dance, but can become a competition in two shakes of a ram’s tail. If you lock horns and end in a battle to prove who’s best, the fires of romance will incandesce and singe a few fleeces. It’s no good getting carried away with enthusiasm if each of you heads in a different direction. If you want the relationship to work, give your fellow Ram space and a share of attention. Don’t forget to praise your Aries partner’s derring-do and, just as importantly, sympathize with their defeats. Rams are confidence-players and need more support and encouragement than they’ll ever admit. Selfishness is a quality not unknown in the Ram (to put it politely), so you’ll need to learn not to get so wrapped up in your concerns that you miss what’s happening to your fellow Ram.

Given good placements for Mars and Venus, two Rams will have little trouble in the sack. As far as passion goes, you’re known for the hair trigger as well as the short fuse. Two Rams will quarrel, but the kiss and make up sessions will move the earth. But, variety and decisions about who’s on top may require skilful negotiation as the flames of passion turn to the embers of a longer affection. Remember, neither diplomacy nor patience are long-suits, so learn a little of both. This applies to your love life and destiny together.

The Ram tends to be reckless and ardent with love, money and life, giving way to the momentary impulse and the madcap dream. Too many of these and you’ll have nothing to build your lives upon as you spend all you have so quickly that the relationship burns out before it’s had time to mature. Each Arien must strive for endurance, otherwise life becomes a series of blazing beginnings that go nowhere. This can too easily become the case when two Rams collide. But, work hard at your relationship and you’ll have a partner who knows you and can match you in all thing.