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Aries and Capricorn Compatibility

This is a meeting of Fire and Earth. The Zodiac’s youthful naivete in Aries and Mars encounters Capricorn and Saturn, the wisdom of time and experience. There is intense interest at first. The Ram’s initiative and energy fascinate the Goat. The Goat’s composure and control are mountains for the Ram to climb.

You both enjoy a challenge and taking charge. You both work to achieve. This gives a common sense of purpose, but your methods differ. For all you seem to have in common, you’ll soon discover almost mystical differences. The eager Ram charges in where the Goat takes stock and acts with judgement. Make adjustments, Rams, or make tracks.

Aries and Capricorn are Cardinal Signs, so you have to learn to reach agreement. The Goat will push the Ram to argue a case or justify an action. If you haven’t the patience, the Goat will have little respect. If you make this a contest, you’ll strike the unyielding reluctance of an inhabitant of Saturn. Equally, the Goat has plans that may bind the Ram to a structure, not your strength but you can learn from this, so find a compromise. The Goat won’t change things on an impulse. Change comes by degrees there, unlike your ‘forest fire’ approach. In the end, Ram must work at Goat pace now and then, but Goat must run at Ram speed too. You’re both too strong to keep compromising if no compromise is offered in return.

Patience is an issue for the Ram. You generally have little, but your goatish partner may seem to have enough for both. However, that won’t be the case. Unless you can take things step by step, you won’t build the common ground an earthy Goat will want to rely on. Earth signs need security, where fire burns on hope or zeal alone. Some Goats incline to the gloomy. All are conscious of reality and responsibility. Your deathless enthusiasm may grate on Cap after a time, so you’ll have to learn to moderate. Equally, your goatish partner will have to learn to rise to the occasion and lift their spirits. Too much grim reality from the Goat and you’ll be off to smell the coffee elsewhere.

In the bedroom, you can do well, given harmonies from Mars and Venus. In the end you’ll face the same struggles there as elsewhere. If you work out who’s in charge and when, this can be a powerful combination. If not, you’ll lock horns once too often, then give it away.