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Aries and Leo Compatibility

Fire loves Fire and the match of Aries and Leo is strong. It can work to perfection as long as two simple rules are followed. Rule number one is: if the Ram thinks to win a contest of wills with the Lion, monarch of the Zodiac, the Ram must think again. Rule number two states that no Ram shall forget rule number one.

In many ways, this is an ideal match. Both Aries and Leo are Fire Signs, so you are immediate and inspirational in your styles. You share a powerful determination to achieve your goals. You’re not afraid of passion or hard work. The Big Cat’s determination can complement your venturesome spirit. Equally, your independence of mind and action can give broaden the Lion’s fixity of purpose. Listen to each other! Given harmonious placements of Mars and Venus, life in the bedroom will be exciting, so long as certain arrangements about power sharing are made.

You can both operate off a short fuse, but also enjoy the long haul. Your mutual love of physicality can extend into sports or recreational activities. Fire signs need to express their natural vigour through the body. Be careful about how you handle winning and losing though, for both signs strongly prefer the former to the latter. If you end up in a serious contest, you could have a serious problem for neither of you finds it easy to back down once fired up. However, the Lion will not give in, while the Ram will eventually find something more interesting to do.

Aries the Ram (a Cardinal Sign) aims for fresh fields but Leo the Lion, a Fixed Sign, will go over something till the desired result is obtained. This is a real opportunity for the Ram to follow the rules.

The domicile of Ram and Lion will be everything from a palace of love to an arena of battle. The two of you love to contest. Kept within reason, the passionate struggle can be followed by a passionate reconciliation. The partnership is also suited either to the arts or to business, as long as there’s room for each of you to express yourselves creatively. Leo handles routine better than Aries, so you’ll need to convince your proud, possessive partner to allow you a longer leash.

The Ram can inspire the Lion. The Lion can keep the Ram focused. Fire signs can be obsessed with themselves, so two together can become too self-involved. If you guard against that, your relationship can fly high, as you bask in the glow of each other’s flames. It’s a perfect match.