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Aries and Libra Compatibility

Opposites attract, the old saying goes. Like many an old saying, there’s a grain of truth to it. When Aries, the fiery Ram, rushes to embrace the polar opposite sign of Libra, the Scales, Mars and Venus come together in a passionate encounter. That’s if the Scales can decide what to wear on a first date! However, if the Ram’s desires take precedence, the Scales may not be wearing it for long. And Scales can be swept along by the Ram’s delight in a new adventure. But will the adventure last?

Aries, a Fire Sign and Libra, an Air Sign, are idealists and romantics, but the speed at which they proceed is a defining difference. Air feeds Fire, so the Scales will admire your independence and bent for decisive action, just as you will be drawn to the Libran style and love of cooperation. Both signs have flair, a sense of drama and passionate concerns, so it will be a roller-coaster ride at first. However, your impulsive actions may soon clash with your Libran lover’s tendency to weigh things up. Libra enjoys the moment of deliberation, where you’ll just lose patience. You’ll simply fail to understand the agony of indecision and equally the Scales may find your rashness rather wearing. Arguments will ensue if a clear understanding is not achieved. You must pace yourselves. Give in gracefully now and again, or you will learn that the Scales is also a Cardinal Sign — and a force to be reckoned with.

Libra’s love of harmony extends to the environment, so a messy Ram may soon seem a blot on the landscape. Mutual effort at domestic harmony will be essential. While Libra loves vigorous debate, the Scales does not care for open conflict. Learn to sort things at the negotiation table, rather than on the field of battle.

This combination will be at its best when joined by common interests and concerns, whether matters of belief, or creative endeavour. Such a bond will more readily allow each of you to see the value of the opposite view your partner contributes.

Overall, this can be an exciting match and one destined for greatness and longevity, as long as each of you remembers your partner has a key to the problem you can’t solve. Without trust and reliance, Fire and Air will be all flash and dazzle until they fizzle out, so learn to rely on and trust one another. Then nothing will hold you back.