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Aries and Pisces Compatibility

This match can be the odd couple of the Zodiac. You could not ask for two creatures more different in nature than vigorous Aries and Pisces the dreamer. Aries is the child of the Zodiac, being the first in line and Pisces is the final stage in the starry evolution that is marked by the patterns of the Signs. Passion or romance will bring even you together if these aspects are favoured in your charts, for you are each deeply passionate creatures in your different ways and can share a fulfilling sexual relationship.

Aries, the Ram, ruled by passionate Mars is a Fire Sign, and Pisces, the Fishes, ruled by healing Jupiter and dreamy Neptune, is a Water Sign, so the mixture can really create some steam. Use stimulants or intoxicants in moderation, otherwise they will cloud and confuse things for you. If your relationship is to move beyond a honeymoon, you will have to put time and effort into getting to understand one another.

As you are both creative souls, interests of this kind can cement your bond. Cardinal Aries is a pioneer and Mutable Pisces is drawn to seek that which is by nature out of reach, so it may also be spiritual interests or beliefs that form a common bond. You will need such an external interest, otherwise the mystery you present to each other may overwhelm you both in time. Aries will want to rush ahead and Pisces will be dithering in the wake of this blazing streak. And, if the Ram’s heroic endeavours are not praised and supported, love could quickly grow cold. Aries may decide in a split second on something that Pisces will worry or wonder over for days. You have little patience with inaction, but will need to learn some here. Equally, your Fishy friend may find your constant emphasis on the self and forward motion both alarming and off-putting and must learn to let you run on a long leash.

Learn how to step back and take the gentle path, for your Pisces partner may simply feel overwhelmed or even bullied by your tactics. With this match, the fiery Ram enters the waters of the Fishes. Blunt honesty and direct action, your specialities, will not avail you anything if Pisces wants to be solitary or secretive. No amount of brow-beating will make the watery one tell what you demand to know. The lesson is again one of restraint. Wait till your mysterious partner is ready to come up from the depths and reveal all.

However, this doesn’t mean that the traffic is all one way. Intuitive Pisces will at times take action, move ahead or even just drift away in a manner that straightforward Aries will find daunting to say the least. With time, patience and a loving understanding, this can blossom into one of the more unusual relationships in the Zodiac. Without them, it will not.