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Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility

In many ways, the Ram and the Archer make an ideal combination, being the embodiment of Fire’s vigour and enthusiasm. Ram is a natural leader, while Archer is a free spirit who has no desire to be always in the front rank. Any issues about power and control can be sorted and the ‘ready for anything’ Ram finds a true companion in the optimistic Archer.

However, you can expect some verbal battles as head-on Ram matches wits with humorous Archer. If you get too pompous, Sagittarius will fire barbed arrows to deflate any excessive self-importance. Together you have the courage and daring to take you to the horizons you seek. Both of you are idealists and may share causes or beliefs that become the stars you aim for. You both love to fly and are given to inspirational ventures, so make sure you don’t come crashing down too often for lack of grounding or practical considerations. Such wear and tear will cost your relationship in the end. Learn to direct your endeavours, as discipline and consistency are skills you must acquire rather than possess naturally.

Mars gives you the ability to lead, to break new ground, while Jupiter gives the Archer a philosophical temperament, along with a great fondness for travel and the inclination to take risks. Your versatile Archer can suggest solutions and strategies if you will listen. You can direct your delightful Sagittarian to renewed effort when interest wanes or shifts. Remember, neither sign is above creating drama to stave off boredom! Such fireworks will be wearing and can erode commitment or interest. Check your charts for Earth Signs to guide you as to how this side of things will go.

Life in the bedroom will be vigorous and exciting, given good placements for Mars and Venus. Your diet will be everything from the quick snack to the five-course meal. Both of you have a roving eye, so be clear about the rules! Neither will hesitate to speak when slighted. In the end though, you are both quick to forgive and forget.

Remember that the Archer loves freedom above all. If you jealous Rams try to confine your roving centaurs, you’ll lose them as they rush to a new horizon.

Domestic life can be a performance. Two fiery temperaments won’t want to be confined for long and two adventurous spirits will yearn to be off on madcap travels. With all this in mind, the Ram and the Archer can be a blessed and most fortunate union. It’s a perfect match.