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Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

Ram and Scorpion are a powerful match but an uneasy mix, a fascinating combination that needs work. Traditionally, Mars rules both Aries, a Fire Sign and Scorpio, a Water Sign. Thus, the warrior spirit surges in each of you. The Ram is the ‘heart on the sleeve’ warrior, passionate, impatient, idealistic and surging with naive vigour. The Scorpion is cool in a crisis, intensely private, obsessively determined and ready to wait for the moment.

When the two of you meet, the instantaneous Ram may dance around the ‘wait and see’ Scorpion for a time, but the fascination will be deep. When the Scorpion finally allows the Ram to make the first move, there will be fireworks in the bedroom as fiery Mars meets passionate Mars, especially if other points harmonize in your charts.

Try not to disturb the Scorpion’s calm exterior. Scorpio is a lake. If you want to reach the depths, don’t splash on the surface. Negotiations need to begin now, but your book of life doesn’t have a word for ‘negotiate’, creating disappointment if things don’t go at speed. The Scorpion can teach you about pace and judgement if you allow it. If you don’t, remember that the Ram is explosive, but the Scorpion volcanic. The mixture of Fire and Water here creates enough steam to drive a turbine!

The Aries temperament is legendary. The childlike Ram is quick to anger, quick to forgive. The Scorpion on the other hand has a long fuse and a longer memory, for Scorpio is a Fixed Sign. Woe betide the Ram that slights this proud, secretive creature. Things will end so fast it will make your head spin. If you learn to pace yourself, all the passion you want and more lies in the Scorpio depths. Just don’t disappoint by being shallow. Where Ram is inspirational, Scorpion is calculated. Give each other freedom and a long leash with your action styles.

While the Ram can learn moderation and the Scorpion can be more accessible, neither will really change! If you push your pet Scorpion, beware that poisonous sting. If the possessive, controlling Scorpion tries to restrain the fiery Ram, then an inspirational partner will be off to fresh fields in a trice. Both of you can be jealous and possessive. But, once again, remember the word ‘possessive’ hits a new level of meaning with Scorpio. Betrayal will have serious consequences. Together you are a formidable combination, one that can conquer the world if you can negotiate your private pact.