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Aries and Virgo Compatibility

When Ram and Virgin meet there is passion in the air. The mysterious creature standing opposite will fascinate. The Virgin’s sharp eye and hidden depths will be an attraction. The direct speech and “no nonsense” manner will seem almost familiar and Virgo, of course, admires your vigour and independence. There will be sexual tension and the “honeymoon” may be exciting, as the prim and proper Virgin reveals searing depths of passion to a venturesome explorer.

Now discriminating Virgo (the Virgin) is an Earth Sign, while Aries (the Ram) is definitely a Fire Sign. The attraction is fuelled by dissimilarity. However, as Fire and Earth get to know each other, clear differences will emerge. Discerning Virgo will begin to resent your “head on” style, if that’s all that’s on offer. Be inventive and curious about your partner’s needs, otherwise the Virgin may end up being otherwise engaged.

Notice the changes your partner makes for you. Be attentive! The Virgin is hygienic, an orderly creature, so domestic matters will need energy and attention. Sloppy habits and half-completed tasks will bring the sharp tongue of the Virgin to bear. Anything could happen then, as the mighty Ram does not accept criticism gracefully. You will have to work out who is responsible for what in daily routines, but even then there may be trouble, for few in this world can complete a task to the Virgin’s satisfaction. You will have to lift your game, but, to be fair, your personal Virgin may have to lower his or her sights. The likelihood of these occurring depends on how much you want things to work. Miracles can happen!

While the Virgin will appreciate your independence and can follow a natural leader, you will have to adapt your leadership style. The Virgin’s humble manner can be deceptive. Any Ram who thinks they can just bellow orders will be in for a short sharp shock, or perhaps a sustained verbal assault. The Virgin does not appreciate anyone breathing down that well-scrubbed neck, but you can always rely on the Virgin to perform responsibly and without fuss. The Virgin will not appreciate the constant drama that a Fire Sign can create. The Virgin will analyze a risk where the Ram will take one, but the Virgin will not appreciate losses that come from foolhardy ventures. If you both learn the rules, the combination of Fire and Earth can bring flair and practicality to bear. The two of you can succeed in business and in life, but this is a tricky match. Only time and patience will bring it to fruit.