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Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

The Fire of the Ram and the Air of the Water Bearer make a bright flame of partnership. The Aries enthusiasm and pioneering spirit will certainly be well matched by the curious and unconventional Aquarian. You will find places to go, people to meet and hold many interests in common. You both prefer a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, so you can enjoy social activities together.

Both of you are idealistic and may even find a cause you share and can pursue. You both enjoy a vigorous exchange of ideas, though you Rams can get a bit heated and will need to watch the temperature gauge during any debate over differences. In the end though, the Water Bearer will probably just watch with a measure of bemused patience a classic Ram performance of the ‘quick to anger, quick to forgive’ show.

Creative Cardinal Ram is always called to the new and Aquarius will want to come along for the ride, just to see what’s happening. As long as you can generally lead the way, the journeys will be many and varied. The Ram is a creature of passion and feeling where the Water Bearer favours detachment and cruise control. Your Aquarian lover will give you plenty of room to take on everything as a personal mission, but depending on the weather, may or may not let you take command. If you start issuing orders, the Fixed Sign stubbornness of Aquarius will reveal itself and tell you just where to get off. As a Ram, you can team well with a Water Bearer but don’t try to take control.

It can be an exciting match in the bedroom, especially if Mars and Venus harmonize in your charts. The Ram is passionate and the Water Bearer is quirky and interested in almost everything, so the sparks will be visible and will keep your relationship fresh and exciting. However, be warned that if jealousy and possessiveness rear their ugly heads, sparks of another kind will fly. The Water Bearer has a stimulating intellect and is a loyal creature, but is not one to be owned. So, don’t try!

Unpredictable Aquarius is very independent and likes to spend time alone, so you may sometimes feel neglected. You find this unpredictability exciting, but it does not let you feel entirely secure.

Nevertheless, this is a vigorous and fascinating relationship, one where it is easy for romance and a genuine companionship to walk hand in hand. It’s a perfect match.