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Cancer and Aries Compatibility

The dynamic Ram is an electrifying challenge that may prove to be your nemesis, Cancer. Full of energy and bold as brass, the Ram is immensely exciting, deliriously attractive – and sexy as …

As the lights flash and the cannons roar, the Ram will sweep you off your feet before you can come to. This must be the Real Thing! It’s so intense, so passionate, so wild! Mixing Fire with Water certainly creates clouds of boiling steam!

But after the blazing action in the boudoir, the Ram, who enjoys the lure of fresh pastures, may be hard to pin down. The thrill of pursuit is primary and, for Aries, the actual conquest can be somewhat anti-climactic. A word to the wise: the best approach with the Ram is to keep the poor woolly beast guessing.

Aries, a Cardinal Sign, loves to lead and hates to follow. This soon leads to conflict with Cardinal Crab, for you too have strong ideas about who ought to be in charge. Like the Ram, Aries prefers to charge at full tilt, with little knowledge of, or care for, the consequences.

In the arts of love, the Ram is enthusiastic and adventurous. Don’t be overwhelmed by this spirited approach, but respond in the same coin, for Aries, a Fire Sign, loves to experiment and to take things to the limit – and loves the scent of battle. Roll over Kama Sutra, your Aries lover is writing it all from scratch!

As time goes on your need for emotional sustenance and sensitive consideration may be less than satisfied. The Ram prefers charging the ramparts and conquering the citadel; the horned one has little interest in rebuilding the ruins once the triumphal parade is over.

Cancer is basically conservative, considerate and does not take kindly to being pushed. You also like to have a clear idea of where things are going before you push off into the unknown. Not so the Ram.

Jealousy can rear its ugly head, for both of you can be quite possessive. The Ram is thoughtless and promiscuous, so can easily make your blood boil, once you discover that characteristic trail of broken hearts and abandoned (or not-so-abandoned) paramours.

The clash of energies can be fruitful, if the steam is harnessed to drive a turbine. Aries is a hard worker and you will keep the beast focused. Aries loves children and enjoys a good home life (at least as a base) so you have that in common. The hardest thing will be the Ram’s profligacy and periodic bouts of fierce aggression. It’s a tough match, but wonderful if you can overcome the elemental differences.