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Gemini and Aries Compatibility

Now this is really something. You’ll be drawn to the dynamic Ram like a moth to a flame, for this really is a relationship to die for! Is it love at first sight?

Creative Aries, the Ram, is a Fire Sign and Gemini is an Air Sign. It’s a harmonious and mutually stimulating combination. You both love doing everything at a fast pace and acting on impulse. Cardinal Aries has the fire and determination to put your brilliant ideas into action and will not flag when your energies are drooping. You both thrive on activity, adventure and variety, with a love of social interaction. This focus on the moment brings a lovelife that is exciting and stimulating. That light touch of yours will thrill and enthral the Ram, and your horned lover will appreciate and enjoy your intellectual stimulation and love of diversity. Laughter and love go well together for the two of you.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the Warrior, and can be quite bossy or possessive, but you both love to talk and won’t be afraid to speak your minds. The Ram loves a good battle, but your lighthearted , witty repartee can defuse most conflicts, thanks to your life-ruler, bright Mercury. Keep a hold on that sharp tongue of yours, however, because even the Ram’s magnificent ego can be scratched by sarcasm. Anyway, both of you soon forget any upsets and are not inclined to nurse a grudge.

In the typical situation, Aries is more inclined to charge in than to stop and think first, for the motto of the Ram is “Crash through, or crash”. Your agile mind can play a key role here, for you can fine-tune your mutual approach to shared activities, something that the Ram will come to appreciate. If you share an interest in sport, remember to let the Ram win more often than not, or you’ll be faced with a very petulant beast indeed.

You can be great friends as well as lovers and the Ram’s domineering streak will give you the firm direction you need, so long as you remember to step to one side when the Ram is charging! Your flirtatious, casual air will keep the Ram guessing,which is one of the keys to success in this partnership. This is a perfect match.