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Gemini and Capricorn Compatibility

If you find yourself drawn to a tryst with a Sea-Goat, you’ll find the experience rather a thrill. However, the sexual heat might begin to chill rather quickly as the differences between you rise to the surface. Capricorn is ruled by serious Saturn, while Gemini is ruled by chatty Mercury. You specialise in communication, so the Goat’s brooding silences, so exquisitely mysterious at first, might just get a tad boring after a while.

Your freewheeling, cruisy style tends to be rather upsetting to the steady, conservative Sea-Goat, who is nothing if not conventional. Possessive Capricorn actually worries about security, but you are considerably more concerned with the loss of your liberty.Capricorn seeks order and responds to routine, but such a mundane slant on life can drive you to distraction. On the other hand, your need for stimulation can get the Goat worried and insecure. Your natural exuberance is what attracted your Goaty lover in the first place, but the emerging sober need to control might soon put an end to high spirits on your part.

Capricorn, an Earth Sign, is focused on putting down roots and building a fortune, while you like to be free to go where the winds may blow. The sexual attraction can be strong and your light touch can arouse the horny Goat, but Capricorn prefers the tried and true, being less than likely to experiment. You soon find that your primary desire to talk about it then play re-runs on the video is less than exciting to the Goat, who prefers to bump and grind the whole night long, then roll over and go to sleep.

Capricorn is a leadership-oriented Cardinal Sign, so is interested in long-term outcomes. This makes the Goat an ambitious climber and stimulates the qualities of loyalty and perseverance. In this way the relationship can provide security, but the sober, serious approach to everything can definitely damp your enthusiasm.You’ll need to control that sharp tongue and scale back the sarcasm, or you’ll provoke a silent sulk – or worse, an attack of the Goat’s horns!

When Capricorn typically tries to rein you in, you’ll feel the urge to fly the coop. Still, should more harmonious Moon and Ascendant aspects be present, this relationship will flow much more naturally, but even then the road to success will require many compromises.