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Gemini and Gemini Compatibility

You have so much in common! It’s hard to find a more versatile, charming, or vivacious opponent in the endless game of love. You will never bore another Gemini, because you are both interested in everything. You set a frenetic pace for each other, but then neither of you would ever dream of slowing down.

Easygoing and independent, you can just as easily work together as please each other in bed. Jealousy is hardly ever a problem, though storms can blow up quickly, due to the mutual penchant of the Twins for flirtation and underhand trickery. This said, the constant intrigue and delightful tomfoolery can give you just the stimulation you need. After all, with your Gemini lover, it’s like one part of yourself looking at a mirror image of the other. You’ll soon forget any problems and move on with a quick slash of sarcasm.

Airy Gemini is ruled by brilliant Mercury, the magical messenger of the Gods. Since Mercury awakens the talent for communication, conversation and social interaction, along with a facile wit and a broad interest in all things new, you each bring your own brand of stimulating ideas into the relationship. This makes an entertaining and delightful couple, who are always in demand on the social scene. You are both fascinating conversationalists, with loads of friends who will all get on together, so your parties will be desirable highlights on everyone’s calendar.

As Mutable Signs, you are both easy to get along with and will mostly go along with each other’s wishes. Sex is playful, exciting and great fun. Not only that but you both share the desire to talk about it. No dark steamy passions, it’s all brought into the light!

Mutable Signs are very outgoing, sociable and flirtatious, but generally like to have someone stronger to fall back on in a crisis of confidence, which will arise from time to time. Develop mutual external interests so that you have something in common outside of the sexual relationship, such as writing, work, or education as a bay to retreat to when the storms blow in.

This is a fine match and the two of you will not get bored, though the relationship is perhaps too unstable in the long run. Gemini is inclined to be superficial, unstable, and very restless. The hardest thing in this relationship will be to get (or give) a strong commitment, so you’ll drift apart if you do not remain focused. Still, with good Moon and Ascendant connections, this can be a truly excellent match.