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Gemini and Leo Compatibility

Dramatic Leo and communicative Gemini light up in an immediate attraction. It’s practically love at first sight. Here is a lover you can really enjoy – and who will return the favour. Fire and Air together ignite blazing passions, and your playful sexuality draws a brilliant response from the Big Cat, who is affectionate and responsive. You are both quite open sexually, and time in bed is usually fun and satisfying.

Leo, the Lion is ruled by the shining Sun and Gemini, the Twins, is ruled by clever Mercury. The Sun, centre of our solar system, is the ruler of the heart, so Leo is loyal and true, but loves to be the centre of attention. In the art of love, Leo is ardent and willing, although not necessarily particularly creative. The cunning Twins can add a little colour and variety to the boudoir by subtly suggesting novel concepts without ruffling the pride of the Lion, who is after all the King of Beasts. Mercury loves to entertain and inform, so can set up suitable social situations in which Leo can shine, but is happy to be the power behind the throne. Leo loves to be admired — and you are happy to oblige, though sometimes you can get a little tired of the Lion’s constant need for stroking. Still you have the lightness of touch to cope with Leo’s mighty ego.

Gemini is a real social butterfly and loves to circulate. Watch that you do not give the proud and possessive Lion cause for jealousy through appearing to prefer the company of a potential rival. Such flirtatious behaviour may wound the vanity of the Lion, so watch out for those claws when the tail is twitching!

Gemini, a Mutable Sign, needs a stronger, more stable partner, while Leo, a Fixed Sign, needs to be opened to greater potential. You can easily do this, for you have a fine grasp of the endless possibilities in any given situation. Leo can be bossy, vain and demanding, but you are lighthearted and witty, so you can defuse any time-bombs long before they go off. Remember to control that sharp tongue, or regal Leo’s claws will soon be slashing. Although the Lion can be possessive (out of pride and loving to be the centre of attention), Leo can keep up with your wide-ranging interests and certainly does not mind you coming up with new ideas for lovemaking, parties and travel. Socially, you’ll each try to upstage the other, but have a lot of fun together doing it. Your natural charm and fondness for social networking is reflected and underpinned by the deep strength and powerful heart of Leo. Together you make a great team, with good long-term potential. It’s a perfect match.