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Gemini and Scorpio Compatibility

Lighthearted Gemini, an Air Sign, has a broad range of interests and prefers to pick and choose between them, skipping lightly from one to the other as the fancy calls. You have a wide circle of friends and are often found with your ear glued to the phone, because you love to be up on all the goss. In relationships you prefer the entertaining, chatty variety, though this is not to say that you are not interested in sex. It’s just that you prefer a casual, circuitous approach. You enjoy the pleasures of the chase, then discussing the intimate details, rather than obsessing about the actual bumps and grinds. Scorpio on the other hand prefers to aim straight for the heart of the relationship, glorying in the internal storms of passion and soul-searching. Demanding Scorpio is very much into one-on-one (though you no doubt could interest the scorpion in a little menage a trois, if you painted a lovely word picture of the likely pleasures).

Scorpio, a Water Sign, is ruled by forceful Mars, God of War and seething Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, while Airy Gemini is ruled by communicative Mercury, the Divine Messenger. Your fertile imagination and Scorpio’s dynamic energy would make a good combination, if only the two of you saw eye to eye about anything. Flames of passion blaze in the boudoir at first, but you soon learn that sex isn’t everything. Your Scorpio lover is sensual, passionate, jealous and inflexible. You on the other hand are fickle, flighty, superficial, lighthearted and changeable. Gemini is a social creature, but Scorpio prefers privacy. Scorpio is suspicious, even vengeful, and will be in constant turmoil over your casual, playful attitude to love. With Scorpio everything is happening below the surface, making it difficult to know what is really going on there. This sort of thing is just not on with Gemini, for you much prefer full and frank disclosure (or at least one of the Twins does: the other might well be attending to other business!)

Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, so in one way the stability and strength of the Scorpion appeals to you. This said, you’ll find it hard to come to terms with Scorpio’s air of mystery and with that self-contained area which is very much a no-go zone for you. Scorpio can seethe for days before erupting like a volcano, whereas you will get cross and sarcastic, but soon move on to the next item of news.

Scorpio has to learn that you cannot be kept like a bird in a cage, or at the first opportunity, you’ll fly the coop. Bear in mind that Scorpio is secretive and likes to manipulate, though you prefer to lay your cards on the table. Scorpio is just so darned deep! This, despite the attraction, is not an easy match.