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Gemini and Taurus Compatibility

Your attraction to the Bull can be strangely compelling, but the fundamental differences will require some work if the relationship is to survive long. At first Taurus will respond to your sparkling wit and you are intrigued by the sensual Bull’s refreshing lack of complexity. Taurus, however, being an Earth Sign, seeks a simple, orderly existence while the Twins can be easily bored and always subject to the lure of the new. You love discovering new people and places, and are stimulated by interesting cultural differences. Taurus prefers the bulwarks of familiarity and is happy to plod down old tracks. Moreover, Taurus probably is after more commitment than you are prepared to bestow, especially early on when the flames of love burn bright.

Taurus, the steadfast Bull, and Gemini, the irrepressible Twins, see things from very different perspectives. Ruled by sensual Venus, the goddess of love, pleasure and cold cash, Taurus is generally steadier and more practical. Gemini is ruled by magical Mercury, the swift messenger of the Gods, so is more restless and craves stimulation. Venus is artistic, pleasure-loving and gives the gift of beauty and musical talent. Sensual Venus can also be lazy, content to lie around, but lively Mercury is constantly active, always on the go. Your lack of a firm goal and fractious indifference to what more stable souls would consider the important things in life (security, employment, regular habits etc etc) can make your more disciplined Taurus feel distinctly irritated, even threatened and tempted to stamp those hefty hooves!

Basically, Taurus, a Fixed Sign, wants to be in control, but you just don’t go for being told what to do. Conservative Taurus approves of the tried-and-true ways of doing things, but variety-seeking Gemini will try anything! You can also be quite thoughtless and will say or do whatever takes your fancy, which can bring the normally placid Bull to the boil. Your attitudes to money can be a source of dissension between you, for the Bull likes to save for a rainy day, while you love to shop till you drop.

Your dual and sometimes conflicting energies are often confusing to the Bull, but if you allow one pole of the Twinned soul to rest safely in the security of the Bull, your Bovine lover may well allow the other polarity in your inner life to enjoy the freedom and social life it craves. You are clever enough to play down these differences. Restrain that quick tongue of yours, and avoid being gored by the Bull, who is fierce when eventually roused. It’s not an easy match.