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Leo and Aries Compatibility

This is a truly glorious match. Aries the Ram and Leo the Lion, both Fire Signs, are the blazing superstars of the zodiac. Leo is ruled by the Sun, while the Ram is the Day Star’s exaltation. Full of life and love, the lure of adventure pulls you together in a marvelously joyous dance, the affirmation of life itself. It’s an unbeatable combination for sheer joy and excitement.

The Ram, ruled by mighty Mars, is a Cardinal Sign, so naturally takes the lead in the boudoir as in most things you do together. You are well-matched and get along famously between the sheets. The sexual experience is superb, so long as the Ram remembers that he or she is the generalissimo, while you are the lordly monarch! Fire loves Fire and the match of Aries and Leo is strong. It can work to perfection as long as two simple rules are followed. Rule number one is: if the Ram thinks to win a contest of wills with the Lion, monarch of the Zodiac, the Ram must think again. Rule number two states that no Ram shall forget rule number one.

The Ram’s wild and venturesome spirit will complement your tireless determination, for Aries is unbeatable in short sharp bursts, but you have the deep power to be in it for the long haul. Affable, friendly and socially bold, you have no trouble achieving your mutual aims, since you share the same likes and dislikes. As a Fixed Sign, you can keep the horned one on track, when otherwise the Ram might charge distractedly at passing windmills.

While both of you can be combative, it’s more of a friendly fight than a bloodthirsty battle. You both hate to lose, so you must manage the Ram’s erratic power and point it in the right direction. Fire signs need to express their natural vigour through the body. If you end up in a serious contest, you could have a serious problem for neither of you finds it easy to back down once fired up. You’ll need every bit of your rapport to break the deadlock, though generally you’ll outlast the Ram in a protracted dispute.

The Ram’s creativity can inspire you with productive energy, and you can keep the Ram focused. There is much potential for prodigious ego ego-clashes, but all things considered, you are sexually, socially and spiritually compatible. It’s a perfect match.