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Libra and Cancer Compatibility

Libra and Cancer are Cardinal Signs, strong and constituted to lead. When cardinal signs meet, there is always a clash of wills, so the goals you set must be worth the compromise. At first, Scales and Crab seem in harmony. You’re both sensitive and romantic, so the natural rhythms of your encounter have great appeal.

Cancer the Crab, a Water Sign, lets things happen in their own sweet time. This suits your natural inclination to weigh up all the options, so it’s a good thing neither of you is inclined to rush. Moon-ruled Cancer will happily soak up all of your lyrical attention and in return will offer you the warm glow of emotional security. In the bedroom intense passions rise, but it won’t be long before each of you begins searching for lines of control. Charming Libra loves to lead the way, but then encounters the immovable Crab, entrenched in secure and familiar patterns. If the battle becomes a discussion about who does what and when, your need to discuss and ask questions may clash with your Crab’s need for privacy. Don’t charge in wanting to know what’s up if the Crab is not ready to talk.

Your changing cycle of attention and interest can clash with the Crab’s mood cycle. As your need for attention and feedback grows, so may the Crab become crabby! Cancer too needs emotional reassurance, but is often too proud to ask. Monitor your partner’s moods to maintain harmony, for Cancer does not want to be drawn or even noticed when in a cycle of withdrawal. Often the Crab will sleep away stresses, where you’re inclined to talk them out.

You are both idealists, so can find common ground in social values, if you sort out your priorities. As an Air Sign, liberal Libra seeks balance and justice, giving focus to the partner, but conservative Cancer is the protector of home, family and the values that uphold them. You will fight for a cause, but your Crab will act to protect its own. If the greater ideal puts the personal at risk, you could feel the Crab’s nipper.

You love harmony in the home, so you’re well matched there, and you both flourish with romantic attention and niceties. But your keen sense of style inclines to extravagance, where the cautious Crab’s claws will hold onto money. You adore the social scene, but the Crab is happiest at home. Negotiate financial matters with sensitivity and care. This relationship works best if work or family interests bind you together. Without such interests, provided by compatible Moon and other chart factors, the battle may not seem worthwhile.