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Libra and Taurus Compatibility

Cardinal Airy Venus meets Fixed Earthy Venus and the encounter is an odd one. Since Venus rules on both sides of the equation, there is potential, yet Libra the Scales and Taurus the Bull are very different creatures. With common ground in a love of beauty and a disinclination for conflict, you find the Bull fascinating at first, a totally different species. However, the Bull is a creature of routine, where you love change and excitement, so it may not be long before the placid Bull tries to put the vigorous Scales in a secure compartment, one to which you are unsuited. You love attention and interaction, not limitation.

It is the glory of your Sign that you like to consider things, weigh them up, discuss them with your loved one, or indeed with anyone passing. The Bull may quickly tire of this constant need to discuss everything from the colour of the bedspread to the way that biscuits are arranged on the plate.

While Taurus loves beauty, earthy Taurus also enjoys straightforward situations and yes-or-no answers. This will be less than satisfying for the airy Scales who loves the drama and even the agony of indecision. “Let’s do that because it looks nice” from the Bull could be a sober end to what may have been an exciting debate for you.

In the bedroom, you will fire on all cylinders at first, for you both love the art of seduction and enjoy a little gentle persuasion. However, your delight in the confectioneries of love may soon clash with the Bull’s preference for bread-and-butter pudding.

Generally, the Bull is not inclined towards causes or matters of justice, unless other influences prevail in the chart. Thus your very own Bull may find your interests in this area puzzling and, in the end, a waste of time and energy. If your bullish mate cannot abide your strong opinions, there will be clashes with the fixed attitudes of this stubborn beast. You can find common ground in the arts, as you are both creatures of taste. Equally, work issues or shared financial interests may bring you together. Overall, this is not an easy match. If you work on accepting differences, the combination of Air and Earth is advantageous. If don’t harmonize, then Scales must look further afield while Bull waits patiently for the next cab off the rank.