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Libra and Virgo Compatibility

Libra the Scales and Virgo the Virgin meet as idealists. You seek the ideals of cooperation, beauty and justice through gentle, passionate Venus. Virgo seeks perfection of the self and indeed the world.

The Virgin is a thinker and an analyst through agile Mercury. This brings intelligence, but a degree of nervous tension. The Scales’ ideals of justice are mirrored in the Virgin’s ideal of correctness. You’re different creatures with common ground. However, your social inclinations and love of circulating will be resented by Virgo, who feels insecure when forced into the public eye.

Together, you mix well with others and avoid conflict. Scales and the Virgin are talkers with active minds. However, airy Scales has grandeur and style, enjoying talk for talk’s sake as much as reasoned debate, where earthy Virgin prefers straightforward speech.

After a time, clashes arise between the broad sweep of your outlook and the analytical, close-detail abilities of the Virgin. While gracious and accommodating, no Libran takes criticism well, especially the sharp, straight talk of the Virgin. If you don’t like home truths, then the Virgin won’t be your best choice of a loved one. Virgo is careful, not to say miserly, but your tastes are expensive. Virgo has little time or patience for beating about the bush. The airy bubbles Libra blows may be pricked easily by the Virgin.

You can complement each other and be good communicators. The witty perceptions of the Virgin will add to the humour of the Scales. You agonize over decisions. Virgo is a worrier. However, Virgo would rather take action than sit around discussing things. Knowing when to stop talking and get on with it is the key. Well-matched in the bedroom, you’re passionate creatures, drawn to an idealized love, though each of you seeks it differently.

If you explore and fulfil each other’s dreams and fantasies, you’ll do well. The mixture of agile Air and practical Earth is not an easy one, though the blend can bring rich rewards. Cardinal Libra leads the way while Mutable Virgo contributes inventive skills and invaluable advice while getting the job done. Listen to your versatile partner. No one will work harder than the Virgin if left to get on with things. Don’t be a bossy Scales. An odd couple you may be, but if this match finds its own special glue, you’ll be a matchless pair.