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Pisces and Gemini Compatibility

Pisces, the Fishes, and Gemini, the Twins, are both mutable signs with dual symbols, so keep in mind this relationship involves at least two fish and a pair of twins! Many astrologers are not fond of the potential for compatibility between these two signs, but the bond of a common quality can be enough to keep you interested for life. Both signs love communicating in creative ways, so expect plenty of double entendres and meaningful silences. You could happily spend evenings doing crossword puzzles in ink, or attending the latest community performance… variety is the spice life for both of you, after all.

Gemini is ruled by fickle Mercury, and if there is one thing a Gemini fears, it is boredom. Pisces is usually anything but boring and you may even have your Gemini partner longing for a bit of emotional predictability. Gemini prefers to live in a world of ideas, while Pisces inhabits a world of emotions, making it necessary for the two of you to respect each other’s boundaries. You can understand and appreciate Gemini’s frequent new ideas on a deeply intuitive level.

This combination works best when both of you have matured, otherwise you are likely to call it quits before you have truly started. Gemini is rarely ready to commit early in life, while Pisces generally settles down early and often. These two often marry and divorce more than once. This combination can work best after at least one of you has had a ‘starter’ marriage, or two.

Pisces,a Water Sign and Gemini, an Air Sign, tend to come together in a refreshing, healing mist. The sex can be sublime, as the Twins’ light touch can give life to the rich fantasies of the Fish. However, if Gemini doesn’t give the sensitive Fish enough time and energy, he or she may move on in search of someone more attentive. If Pisces demands too much emotional energy, the Twins are likely to give up in exasperation. If Gemini can remember that you need regular assurances of love and you can accept Gemini’s need to flirt with everyone everywhere, you can enjoy much in common.

You’ll naturally have a lot of trouble accepting Gemini’s fickleness and thoughtlessness and often Gemini is unable to put up with that Piscean trademark emotionalism and dreaminess. Insecure Pisces can often be possessive and clinging, while Gemini wants to have fun and move on. Both usually seek more dominant partners. This may not be the easiest combination of the Zodiac, but other planetary factors can make this one of the most imaginative and creative couples in the Cosmos. At the very least, the relationship will be unforgettable.