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Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility

Pisces and Sagittarius are one of those unlikely couples who seem to get along, despite their differences. Traditional astrologers tend to nay-say your prospects with the randy Archer, but if anyone can keep a Sagittarius interested, it is the creative and multifaceted Fish. With jolly Jupiter smiling on you both, the good life can be yours to share.

Pisces, the Fishes, and Sagittarius, the Archer, are both Mutable Signs, giving the two of you a true desire to communicate, even if your styles don’t seem all that compatible. Sag is uninhibited, ready to make love on impulse and not impressed with delaying tactics, or feeble, wimpy approaches. The most important issue is truth and honesty. Guilt and shame are foreign to the Sagittarian sexual persona – and the Archer does not have much patience with more convoluted souls in these matters.

Sagittarius can overwhelm the audience over with sheer volume and enthusiasm, while you often prefer to communicate your intentions subtly through your limpid eyes. Sagittarius is infamous for suffering from foot-in-mouth disease, while you often don’t say what is on your mind. You can learn to be more assertive and forthright from the rarely deceptive Archer, while your Sagittarian lover can take notes from you on when silence is the most effective statement.

Pisces is a Water Sign and Sagittarius is a Fire Sign, so sexual ignition is hot and steamy, but you must make compromises and accept your differences if you want this relationship to last. Water has the power to put out fire, but fire can evaporate water into extinction! Learn to respect each other’s needs and feelings, otherwise you risk destroying each other. Mutual honesty is the key to the Archer.When you do find the right balance, you can create a healthy, steamy sort of energy that keeps you warm on even the coldest nights.

Fortunate Jupiter, your life-ruler, also rules Sagittarius, linking you in a very spiritual way. Since you tend to have profound religious experiences and seek a Higher Source, you can bond while pondering the meaning of life. You might not agree on the answers, but at least you’ll have fun considering all the possibilities!

Your lover is always wanting to be up-and-at ’em, and may also suffer from a roving eye. This rather fails to nurture your need for attention and devotion – and that sharp Saggie tongue can wound your romantic sensibilities. You long to get close, but can be confused and rebuffed by your lover’s need to be free – especially from any emotional demands.

There must be common ground for you to build on, otherwise the two of you will work at cross purposes. However, with hard work and patience, this can be a rewarding relationship.