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Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility

Outgoing Sagittarius and creative Cancer are likely to meet while travelling, or in an exotic restaurant. Sagittarius is the driving energy, adventurous and full of the need to find new horizons, but Cancer, despite the wanderlust, deep down needs security. Cancer might like more commitment than you are willing to give, especially early in the relationship when the passions are really surging. However, if you stick with it, the relationship will prove emotionally satisfying, because Cancer seeks to protect and provide for loved ones and family.

Sensual Cancer, a Water Sign. is ruled by the changing Moon, while lively Sagittarius, a Fire Sign, is ruled by expansive Jupiter. Naturally enough, this mixture can really steam things up, but to make sure your relationship does not get lost in the fog, you need to give each other plenty of room to move. Jupiter is optimistic, outward-looking and expansive, while the Moon is nurturing, inward-looking and growth-oriented, but oh, so changeable and moody. The combination of growth and expansion and of masculine and feminine energy can sustain the relationship, but you’ll need to develop mutual goals and work together on projects that you can share, so that the energies can be put to work instead of degenerating into jealousy and restlessness.

This relationship is not going to be easy, but if you make the effort, it will be very rewarding. Cancer’s sensuality and romantic imagination is intriguing. However, since you are a risk-taker and really quite cerebral, while Cancer is basically cautious and emotional, you find it hard to meet on common ground (outside the exotic restaurant that is!). Restrain your natural urge to call a spade a spade, because your bluntness can be hurtful and cause Cancer to retreat inside that legendary shell. Your need for freedom and independence can be quite threatening to Cancer, who seeks ownership and possession, with stability and security being high on the Crab’s list of needs. Make sure you do lots of travelling together, but always have a secure home base to return to and these apparent incompatibilities can be balanced and resolved.