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Scorpio and Aries Compatibility

When Scorpion meets Ram the attraction is immediate, and the air is thick with arousal. Traditionally, macho Mars, the ancient god of war rules both Aries and Scorpio, bestowing the warrior spirit on each of you. But you make different use of the gift. The Scorpion is intense, proud, private and patient, where Ram is forthright, impatient and vigorous. Mars is best placed in strategic Scorpio, so you’re cool in a crisis, determined and ready to wait for the moment.

The raging Ram rushes to the risks of romance, where you may take a ‘wait and see’ stance. When you at last give the Ram permission to make a move, fireworks blaze as Mars meets Mars, especially if sensual Venus harmonizes between you. You live with the knowledge of the searing depths beneath your calm exterior, Scorpio, but the revelation of these may really surprise the Ram. Allow a little leeway, for you’re dealing with a naive creature. No one is more ardent and honest than the Ram; these are qualities you admire, but patience helps you to appreciate them fully. If the fiery one charges ahead, negotiate what you want. Remember though, the word ‘negotiate’ is not in the Ram’s dictionary, so you’ll have to teach it.

Don’t disappoint Ram with too many rebuffs, even if you secretly admire Aries persistence. Nonetheless, we know what happens if you lose composure. Scorpion’s volcano erupts, singeing Ram’s fleece. The Aries temperament is legendary, but childlike Ram is quick to anger, quick to forgive. You have a long fuse and a longer memory. If you feel slighted, the Ram may vanish in the subsequent fallout. Learn to pace yourselves and the passion you seek can be found in your union.

You’re a creature of schemes and calculations, where Ram is inspired. You have different approaches. Sometimes the woolly one is naive. Accept it. At other times, the directness of Ram is the kick in the pants your strategies need. Give each other a long leash and find mutual benefit.

Your match can be successful in business if you work on your differences. Fiery Ram is a Cardinal Sign, where Scorpio is a Fixed Sign. Cardinal Fire takes charge, but you resent control, so expect some struggles over power. If Aries pushes, you have a poisonous sting. Restrain the Ram too often and an inspirational partner will be off.

Both of you can be jealous and possessive, but you will give the Ram a beginner’s course on the meaning the word . The Ram has a roving eye and, for you, betrayal is serious. Together, you’re formidable, a combination that can conquer the world if you can negotiate your private pact. It’s a difficult match, but worth the effort for those who persist.