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Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

A dose of Cancer is just what the doctor ordered! The attraction is intense and you will find that this delightful creature responds at exactly the right level. Scorpio and Cancer are a truly rewarding combination and because both are Water Signs, your emotional connection will be the elixir of life for you both.

With the tender Crab, the extended sexual bliss is so fulfilling as to be truly transcendent. The two of you should be, could be and would be soul-mates, so long as the time is right. Cancer is the more passive, but since the Crab is a Cardinal Sign, the creative ideas and emotional drive are high enough to guide your powerful energies along bright pathways. There is an instant rapport between you; this attraction can grow into a deep and abiding love based in passion, but reinforced by mutual understanding and soul-friendship.

Scorpio, a Fixed Sign, is ruled by passionate Mars, crown prince of desire and seething Pluto,lord of the underworld. Moon-ruled Cancer is drawn to your strength and responds to the thrumming energies of the submerged Scorpion powerhouse, while you in turn will find a refuge in the Crab’s emotional commitment. Cancer’s primitive sensuality is ignited by your dynamic Scorpion passions, and because the Crab is endlessly loyal, your jealousy is not so easily aroused. You feel secure in Cancer’s warm, cosy abode and the Crab’s need to own and possess a loved one is not at all feared by the Scorpion.

You are both deeply intuitive and can naturally sense what will please the other. Your communication on intimate mode is wordless and so intense as to be almost psychic, even telepathic. This magical world is a mutual joy that the two of you can build, decorate and expand, as the depths of the Scorpion are plumbed and the heights of the Eagle are attained. Cancer is affectionate, so you will feel secure and loved.

You will approve of Cancer’s excellent ideas and money sense and your role will be to provide strength and drive when the Crab gets tired or loses focus.Cancer’s emotional commitment and Scorpio’s profound understanding can form an indissoluble bond. This is a perfect match.