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Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility

When Scorpion meets Twins, it’s an encounter of creatures from two different realms. Mars the warrior and Pluto the underworld lord rule your brooding sign, while Mercury, bright messenger of the gods, rules double-sided Gemini. You focus with intensity, a proud being who masks powerful forces beneath a calm exterior. Gemini is chatty, bright and may well have told you their life story before you’ve even mentioned your surname.

ou carry the depths of the Water Sign, with unreadable eyes that hold the promise of a secret life. Gemini radiates the exuberance and mobility that flow from the element of Air. You play a hidden hand where Gemini lays the cards on the table. Scorpion is serious and cuts to the heart of a matter. Twins love flirting and will discuss anything and everything, specializing in sidetracks. You choose trusted companions and hold the world at arm’s length, while Gemini has more friends than you can shake a stick at.

Gemini will ask any question and tell any secret. This bright creature is a butterfly flown close to King Cobra. Yet, you find the Twins fascinating. There’s something about that ‘hard to pin down’ flightiness that makes you want to do just that.

If romance blooms, the bedroom is passionate as you discover your mutual fascination. Initially, the erotic charge is strong and the Twins will be drawn to explore your mysterious depths (or try to). But for things to last, you need an understanding that goes beyond the sexual. You’re jealous and possessive, but Twins won’t like to be held down. If you don’t allow freedom, the agile Gemini will dance away.

Scorpio is suspicious and vengeful when slighted, where Twins will be playful and seem to take nothing seriously. With your intense inner life, the Twins may also tire of looking to see what’s going on underneath the surface. You’ll have to wear at least some of your heart on your sleeve otherwise you both may lose interest. Air signs don’t like conflict, so the minute Gemini meets the Scorpion volcano, things could change. You may seethe over something the Twins forgot two days ago. “Why don’t you just say so?” may be words you’ll hear too often.

Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, so you can give stability and strength to the Twins. As a Mutable Sign, Gemini’s inventiveness in turn can suggest possibilities you would never have thought of. The attraction here is strong, fascinating and sexual, but you will not find this an easy match. Good communication is the key to a future together.