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Scorpio and Leo Compatibility

Romantic Leo, a Fire Sign, is self-sufficient, confident and an ardent lover, loaded with personal charm and physical magnetism. Hmmm. A marvellous challenge. Despite the bravado, the bold yet straightforward Lion will be instantly fascinated by your strategies, for the subtleties of the Scorpion are legendary.

The bedroom blitz is a genuine screamer, for the combination of Fire and Water generates enough steam to drive a turbine. Leo’s enthusiasm and passion must be returned in equal measure, but Scorpio’s sexuality is profound, all-consuming and intense, so no problem there. Leo loves to shine, so sex is of the nature of a proud display, and the Lion loves to gather trophies. Scorpio seeks transformation through the sexual experience, so on your own side, the quest is rarely taken on so lightly. Ruled by Mars, the god of primitive action and Pluto the lord of the underworld, the Scorpion mixes primal passion with a profound need to uncover the mysteries of life and death, including and especially sexual ones.

Leo and Scorpio are both Fixed Signs, closely matched with courage, determination and endurance, though not in subtlety.The clash of two powerful yet utterly different egos can see mighty conflicts should the Lion attempt to order you around, or intrude upon your private spaces. These collisions can be resolved in hot bursts of passion, at least in the early stages while the turbines are fired up and driving at full steam.

Most Big Cats have a positive attitude to love and sex, but there are many who suffer excruciating pangs of anxiety in relationship. Sexual anxiety may become so intense in some cases as to generate frigidity or impotence. So in a relationship, Leo loves to be the central, pivotal point around which all things revolve. Can you take this?

Leo can be jealous, usually out of pride, while your temperamental jealousy arises in a deep need to control. The Lion is no weakling and will soon unsheathe those formidable claws should the beast be thwarted.

Leo will soon tire of any sulky jealousy and possessiveness. You too will tire of the dance, then you won’t be so inclined to flatter Leo’s ego or accept the maned beast’s endless desire to dominate. Can you put up with the constant extravagance and shameless social climbing?

If you love a Leo, get a full chart comparison to see if there are other less explosive factors. Well placed Moons can allow you to live and work together if not in harmony then at least with a sense of destiny and achievement (and good sex). If the steam turbine can be harnessed it can supply power for whole communities of lesser folk. If not, patch your wounds and head south.