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Scorpio and Libra Compatibility

Mars the warrior and Pluto, the lord of the underworld, are the planetary rulers of powerful Scorpio. Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, rules high-minded Libra. Thus the meeting of Scorpion and Scales is an encounter of passionate Mars and tasteful Venus. If the planets favour it, this may be the glorious romance of mysteriously different natures.

However, it’s one thing to succeed between the sheets, where Mars and Venus thrive, but effort is needed to move from a cruisy coupling to a true companionship. If you’re both prepared to adjust, you can make it work. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, ruling death and rebirth. Libra is a Cardinal Sign, ruling partnership and cooperation. Where cardinal and fixed meet, there is a struggle for control. Cardinal signs are natural leaders, but your Fixed nature won’t take orders, or fall meekly in behind. Scorpio is proud. Once roused, you never give up a struggle. Discuss your needs and concerns, or your union will flounder.

Fortunately, the Scales is inclined to debate almost everything. But therein lies a problem. Scorpio is secretive. You use insight to judge, often concealing what you think, rather than wearing your heart on your sleeve. The Scales weighs and balances ideas in search of fair solutions. Libra loves talking things through. What happens when talkative Air comes up against secretive Water? This is where you compromise. Scales talks to understand, but you prefer to hold your ground within. If you can’t meet halfway, you won’t stay an item for long.

You’re both passionate beings, but Scales is an idealist where you’re a realist. Scorpio is a schemer who takes time in the inner sanctum. Friends may call you stubborn. Scales loves a wider view and loves to embrace new or changing ideas.

You’ll clash bitterly unless you can agree to disagree on tricky topics. The Libran sense of fairness sits uneasily with your capacity for ruthless action. Scales takes others into account instinctively, where you do so only if it’s important. You can deliver a verbal sting if you lose patience, but the stylish Scales is forever the diplomat.

Libra can be indecisive, but you will be strangely patient with this, Scorpio. Your fixed energy endows you with passionate loyalty once committed. Air loves debate, but not fighting, where you have a deep rage when roused. You’re possessive in love where airy Scales values partnership deeply, but doesn’t want to be controlled.

This is a difficult match and may work best if there are business interests in common. Even then you may not always understand the mystery of each other. Take time if you want this.