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Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility

When opposites meet they generate heat. When Scorpion meets Bull, the air fairly crackles. It’ll be love at first sight or the opposite, for you won’t be indifferent to the earthy Bull.

Warrior Mars and deep Pluto rule your sign, where Taurus is ruled by sensual Venus. And, when Mars and Venus dance there are flames in the bedroom. As opposites, you complement each other well and that will be the fascination at first. Yet the very things that attract you may meld into the wedge that drives you apart if you don’t find a mutual understanding.

Jealousy, possessiveness, carnal desire and the Fixed point of view, these you have in common. Your appetites are strong and your needs important. But the knee-jerk reaction of the insecure Fixed Sign is to control situations. Here’s where trouble starts as irresistible Mars meets immovable Venus. If you’re not up front with your feelings then you’ll end in a power struggle.

You’re a private, secretive creature and the Bull is not always inclined to disclose, even though both of you can be bluntly honest when you need to. You’re insightful and tend to probe restlessly when you feel things aren’t right. Don’t launch too many venomous darts at the Bull or you’ll unleash a force that may make even you nervous. By and large, the Bull leans to placidity. If roused, it’s another story and the strength of this beast is a match for you.

Don’t over-exert yourself with your legendary manipulative powers and secret strategies. Bulls are committed and loyal, doing what’s required with little or no objection, other than a gripe or two. If you want something, just ask. You may find this over-simple, but it works. If you push too hard, remember you’re both Fixed Signs and a battle of wills is inevitable from that point.

You both have strong opinions on everything from food to politics, so stay away from subjects if you know you disagree. If you want trouble, you’ll know how to stir the Bull up. The Bull adopts a ‘live and let live’ attitude, something you’d do well to learn from.

When committed, you’re both loyal and love to share with your loved ones. This can be a passionate, erotic relationship, but yet it will be easy for you to pursue practical goals. Secure circumstances are important, though you need to take a risk from time to time. Once again, discussion is the key. Given harmonious aspects to serve you, this can be an enduring and fulfilling union.