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Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility

t’s not that you don’t find the Archer amusing and pleasant to be around… it’s just that you are interested in putting down roots and Sagittarius wants to go around the world at least three or four times before even thinking about settling down. If the two of you find yourselves in a relationship together, chances are very good that you have complimentary Moon and Ascendant Signs that help you to overcome your fundamental differences.

Expansive Jupiter urges the Archer to aim ever higher, always moving on to the next goal or conquest. Life is a quest for this Mutable Sign, and while he or she may enjoy the feast at your table, it is usually just a stop along the way. As a Fixed Sign ruled by Venus, you would much prefer to spend your days in familiar, comfortable surroundings. Even if you love to travel, you are more likely to require luxury accommodations, while your Sagittarian friend will get excited over pitching a tent on Mount Everest! Some of you, especially those influenced by Fire and Air Signs, will enjoy camping in the wilderness. But in general, a comfy couch and an interesting program to watch on the television is more your style.

Because Sagittarius is a Fire Sign and Taurus is an Earth Sign, you must be very respectful of each other’s natural emotional differences. You may be more of the strong and silent type, only saying ‘I love you’ after being very sure that you really mean it. The Archer’s fiery enthusiasm shouts promises of love from the rooftops, only to change his or her mind the following morning! Yet Sagittarius can inspire you to reach for your dreams and you can show Sagittarius that a stable bow is needed for an arrow to make its mark. Sagittarius can light a fire under you, while you can help ground the Archer in return, making this relationship worth the work it will take.

While this isn’t the most compatible combination, it can work when more harmonious connections between Moon and Ascendant exist. With patience and understanding, the steady Bull can learn to live with the venturesome Archer.