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Taurus and Virgo Compatibility

The Bull and the Virgin are very comfortable together, making this a very natural and easy combination. In fact, it’s likely to be a case of love at first sight! Of course, you may be annoyed by Virgo’s occasionally nit-picking perfectionism, but overall you will enjoy spending time with someone who is as solid and practical as you are.

Virgo, the Virgin, is a Mutable Sign and has a strong need to communicate . You are known for being the strong, silent type, so you’ll need to open up a bit more and be willing to explore your thoughts and feelings. Most Virgins are amateur psychologists, and a surprising number are actually professionally trained to work in the mental health field. You may see much of this as psychobabble and mumbo-jumbo, because you tend to view things from a refreshingly simple framework. You may be able to help keep your Virgo friend from overanalyzing every hiccup, while your very on Virgo can show you that sometimes there is more going on beneath the surface than you might think.

As two Earth Signs, you have much in common. Both of you are interested in financial security and physical comfort. Taurus keeps a careful eye on expenditures, which pleases thrifty Virgo. However, you may want to spend more on luxuries, while your opposite number may insist on only the bare necessities. Virgo can help you to economize better, while you can show Virgo the value of occasionally indulging in small pleasures. You are both interested in good value and quality, so you both tend to be good stewards of your resources. Together, you can build quite a fortune if you put your minds to it.

The physical side of life is also important to you both, but you may need to coax the sexual fires into business with Virgo, who has a long fuse, and explodes if you are patient! Virgo may play food cop more than you like. Virgo can help you to be more health and diet conscious, but you can show Virgo that it’s quite all right to indulge in gastronomic delights on occasion.

Both of you have been blessed with the gifts of common sense, resourcefulness, and practicality, which makes for a very solid astrological combination. This can be a long lasting and rewarding partnership of any kind and works especially well in family and marriage. It’s a successful team that makes a perfect match.