Psychic Sue

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    The Crystal Ball

    What you see in the crystal ball is your own psychic connection manifesting itself through images imprinted on the surface of the ball.
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    The pendulum is an incredible tool because it gives my clients a much more clearly defined and precise reading particularly when asked questions with “Yes” or “No”.
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    The Colour Reading

    To use colours in a reading you must first understand what they signify, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Indigo and violet, all have deep spiritual meanings.
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    The Ribbon Reading

    Ribbon Reading is a form of Psychometry. These readings are brought about through our sensation of touch. It is what is called a symbolic totem.
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    The Tarot Readings

    As each card has a unique Astrological meaning and numerical significance the cards when dealt or thrown “tell a story” through rich symbolic imagery.

Welcome to Psychic Sue

Sue has a uniquely practical and down to earth approach to her Psychic abilities. Her amazing gift has won her International recognition.

Sue has been reading professionally since 1970, since then she has consulted with thousands of clients both Nationally and Internationally with her sphere of clients touching all walks of life including, Business, Finance, Entertainment, Management, Politics, Hollywood Stars even Royalty.
Sue maintains a private practice based in Northallerton. Gateway to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.