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2021 Gemini Astrology:

21 May – 20 June

On Top of the World

If you play your cards right, 2021 could be a banner year for you. With Jupiter in your sign for the first 6 months, you will have a great deal of spiritual energy, plus good will from others who want to see you succeed. In fact, you may feel like you are on top of the world as the year progresses! Of course, unpredictable Uranus in your 11th house of friends and associates continues to square off against slow moving Pluto in your 8th house of sex, death, and other people’s money, forcing you to carefully consider the groups you belong to and the values they adhere to. It will be important for you to align yourself with those who share your highest ideals, especially as Jupiter inspires you to have a greater impact on the world around you. Otherwise, you may find yourself getting into ego battles that lead to nowhere. The New Moon in Capricorn on January 11th connects with powerful Pluto in your 8th house of shared resources, making this a great time to take stock of what you and your most significant other, best friend, or partner are mutually invested in.

Time to Shine

Expansive Jupiter activates your 1st house of personality for the first half of the year, making you the life of every party. You’ll have opportunities to win friends and influence people as you inspire confidence and optimism in others. Your birthday month should be especially significant as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter all dance enthusiastically through your sign, keeping you firmly in the spotlight. After Jupiter moves into clannish Cancer and your 2nd house of personal finances on June 26th, your earning capacity may increase, but you’ll probably also be tempted to spend more lavishly. July and August are especially brisk for those involved in sales and other business ventures as Mars adds even more vigor to your earning potential. However, with controlling Pluto in your 8th house of other people’s resources for several years to come, you may find that saving for a rainy day and avoiding loans with strings attached is your best financial strategy.

Disciplined and Structured

With Saturn in Scorpio and your 6th house of health and service, you’ll need to take a closer look at how you take care of yourself and others. This can sometimes signify a period of chronic illness or restrictive diets, but in any situation, it is a time for you to be more disciplined and structured in the way you approach your health habits. A regular routine that allows you to get an adequate amount of rest and exercise each day is imperative. You may also feel Saturn’s heavy presence on the job, as the 6th house rules co-workers and your working environment. Some of you may be given more duties without the promotion or pay raise to go along with it, adding to your personal stress levels. The Scorpio Full Moon and Eclipse in April may bring a brewing health issue or a problem with a co-worker to a head. It may be that layoffs are threatened, creating a tense, restricted atmosphere. Luckily, Pluto will be making a positive aspect to Saturn from your 8th house of shared resources, helping you to garner the support you need to meet this year’s challenges.

Relationships: the Journey to the Heart

The year gets started on a cooperative note as Venus in Sagittarius warms up your 7th house of marriage and partnership. However, expect your closest relationships to intensify as the Goddess of Love moves into your 8th house of sex and intimacy on January 9th and conjuncts Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, on January 17th. Obsessions and control issues may flare up, but this could also be a time of soul-baring honesty that leads to more compassion and better understanding.

Your relationships with in-laws and relatives at a distance are set to improve after February 2nd, when Venus moves into open-minded Aquarius and your 9th house of travel and adventure. This is also a lovely time to travel, and possibly find romance along the way! However, as Venus squares Saturn around February 11th, you might find that your health is impacted by the stress you encounter while on the road. If you are travelling, take sensible precautions related to the places you visit and the foods you eat. It’s time to shine at work after February 26th, when Venus enters creative Pisces and your 10th house of career and public recognition. The first three weeks of March will give you an opportunity to show the Powers That Be just how resourceful and intuitive you are. Singles may find that a budding relationship is ready to go public, while partnered Twins will enjoy the limelight as a couple.

Venus moves into impulsive Aries and your 11th house of friends and associates on March 22nd, urging you to get out and have some fun with your favorite pals. Whether you get outside to enjoy your favorite sports or you prefer to haunt the grounds of the shopping malls together, this is a wonderful time for camaraderie. By the time Venus moves into Taurus and your 12th house of secrets and solitude on April 15th, you’ll be ready to rest and recharge your batteries behind the scenes. Traditionally, this is a time of secret affairs and clandestine activity, but in modern times it often points working behind the scenes in a charitable capacity and simply taking time out to reflect on recent happenings. It’s OK to say no to social events and public activities during this quiet transit, especially considering that warrior Mars will remain in your 12th house of hidden matters and secret enemies through the end of May. In fact, you may want to lie low and avoid making any big moves until the first week of June. After May 9th, when Venus moves into versatile Gemini and 1st house of personality and appearance, you’ll attract plenty of attention! Lovely Venus joins lucky Jupiter during the last week of May, giving you the Midas touch in all you do.

On June 6th, Venus moves into conservative Cancer and your 2nd house of personal finances, placing the spotlight on what you truly value. Venus blends well with karmic Saturn and spiritual Neptune during this transit, and you may find that you can be satisfied with less in many ways. Even if your resources are plentiful, you will be more satisfied by quality rather than quantity. By June 27th, Venus enters affectionate Leo and your 3rd house of communication, giving you a silver pen and golden tongue. However, be careful what you share at work during the first week of July, when Venus and Saturn clash. Once the sour mood passes, it will be easy to express your affection to others, especially to siblings and neighbors you are close to. After July 22nd, Venus enters earthy Virgo and brightens your 4th house of home and family, helping you to make your surroundings more organized, calm, and peaceful. This is also a wonderful time to have close friends and family over for dinner. Everyone will feel at home under your roof!

Flirty Venus moves into Libra and your 5th house of pleasure and creativity on August 16th, reminding you of all the things that bring joy to your life. This is a great time to plan a romantic date with someone new or rekindle the fire of an established relationship. Just be careful around August 26th, when unpredictable Uranus in your 11th house of friends and associates may upset your plans!

It’s time to think of ways to pamper yourself as Venus enters sensual Scorpio and your 6th house of health and service on September 11th. This is a great time to update your wardrobe and find practical ways to rejuvenate yourself. Of course, with restrictive Saturn here for some time to come, you may be experiencing health problems or difficulty in your relationships with co-workers. However, you can improve any situation by being more mindful and present in everything you do. The focus turns to love and marriage as Venus moves backs into optimistic Sagittarius and your 7th house of partnerships on October 7th. Treating each other with tenderness and patience will go a long way in improving your relationship, so be the first to commit a random act of kindness.

Your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes again becomes the focus of relationships as Venus returns to practical Capricorn and connects with transforming Pluto after November 5th. Think back on the issues you dealt with in January for insight on how to handle situations now. A certain amount of honesty is imperative for true intimacy to develop, so be as authentic as possible in your affections. Some of you may receive inheritances or other form of financial windfall, but there are likely to be strings attached. Everything seems to come at a price now. Because Venus turns retrograde on December 21st, she will remain in your 8th house until March 2021, giving you months to work out the details. By the time Venus turns direct on January 30th, you will have had a chance to decide what you are willing to compromise on and what values you cannot part with.

Home and Family

Nebulous Neptune will spend the next several years opposite your 4th house of home and family, which will indirectly bring challenges to your domestic life. Many of you may begin to question what you are doing with your lives and decide that it is time for a big change, and these changes could impact where you live as well as who you live with. Your relationship with your father or father figure may come into play, especially if you are attempting to live up to an ideal

You’ll need to strike a delicate balance between your public life and your private life as argumentative Mars moves through detail-oriented Virgo and your 4th house of family from October 16th through December 7th. This will increase tension among your family members but also give you an opportunity to make constructive changes under your roof. If you can find a way to make progress a team effort, you will be well on your way to achieving a more ideal life-style.

Work and Health

The big news is restrictive Saturn moving through your 6th house of health and service to others this year, which is often seen during times of chronic illnesses and other health challenges. Of course, you can always be proactive and focus on improving your health by becoming more disciplined in your habits… this is a great time to quit smoking or embark on a regular and sensible exercise routine. The month of November will be especially significant to your health this year, so consider keeping a health and habit journal which could help you pinpoint any underlying problems. Some of you may be dealing with a heavier workload on the job, making it even more important for you to be in the best condition possible. The good news is that the effort you make now to improve yourself will pay off in the long run. Saturn has a way of improving us and refining our abilities, as well as letting us know what our limitations are. Do what you can within reason to improve your fitness levels and your personal skills while the Universe urges you to take more responsibility for your own well-being.

Career and Finances

With Neptune in your 10th house of career and public standing for many years to come, many of you are looking for a more ideal way to make a living. If you have an opportunity to follow your bliss, it could end up very successfully. After all, when you do something you love and believe in, your joy and authenticity can’t be denied. Those of you who are interested in the arts, photography, fashion, or any of the other Neptune-ruled career possibilities may find that this is the time to take a chance on your dreams. To help you along, Jupiter enters Cancer and your 2nd house of money and values on June 26th, where it will stay for about a year. July may hold some very promising opportunities for you, especially those that give you a chance to work in a field that has always interested you. However, be careful to have a contingency plan, as over optimism and unrealistic expectations are always possible when Jupiter and Neptune combine. Jupiter’s presence will help to increase your assets, but you may also be tempted to spend more! Be conservative in your spending habits and do as much as possible to save for the proverbial rainy day.

Mercury the Messenger

What does Mercury Retrograde hold for you this year? You can expect your life-ruler to go retrograde three times a year for about three weeks each time. During retrogrades, you can expect miss communication, delays in travel, and breakdowns in machinery and appliances. Usually these breakdowns are due to neglect or lack of attention to detail and the retrograde period simply brings this to the surface. It’s often a good idea to hold off on making any important decisions, purchases, or signing contracts when Mercury is retrograde. Brides planning weddings should certainly consult an astrologer to avoid scheduling the Big Day during a retrograde! On the positive side, Mercury retrograde is excellent for research and investigation. It is a time to go over everything carefully, looking for loopholes, mistakes, and weaknesses. Here are this year’s Mercury retrogrades and how they are likely to impact you:

February 23rd- March 17th, Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, 10th House

This Retrograde may seem like a Deja Vu experience as Mercury went retrograde in your 10th house around the same time last year! During this cycle, you’ll be more likely to appreciate the opportunity it gives you to think about your career and public standing. If you are contemplating a change, this is a great time to research your options. Some of you may feel some frustration, especially when trying to communicate with those in authority. Be sure to get everything in writing to avoid misunderstandings or worse. Deception is not out of the question, but rest assured that by the time Mercury begins to move forward again, the truth will come out for all to see.

June 26th-July 20th, Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, 2nd House

When Mercury turns retrograde in your 2nd house of personal finances and values, you’ll need to hold off on making any large purchases if at all possible. This is not a good time to take out a loan, make investments, or sign any contracts. Generally speaking, business decisions made now are not likely to turn out well. However, if you use this time to carefully research all possibilities, when Mercury turns direct on July 20th, you will have all the information you need to make the best choices for yourself. Use this time to carefully plan out your next moves!

October 21st-November 10th, Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, 6th House

Again, here is another retrograde that seems strangely familiar as Mercury revisits your 6th house of health and service. If the same old health issues seem to keep popping up, it may be time to take a closer look at what might be triggering them! This time Saturn is involved, adding a note of greater seriousness. It’s time to get to the bottom of any health issue or problem at work, and this retrograde period will give you the time you need to research and investigate any given condition or situation. By the time Mercury turns direct on November 10th, you should have the answers you need.

Lunar Life with Lady Moon

Your personal New Moon occurs on June 8th, giving you a fresh start as you celebrate your own Personal New Year. This year, both Mars and Jupiter are on your side, giving you the strength you need to move forward in your life in a way that is true to yourself. You have the energy and optimism you need to accomplish just about anything, and plenty of allies to support you! Projects and endeavors that you begin now have a good chance of succeeding, so set your goals and start moving forward.

Your Full Moon happens on December 17th and represents the culmination of what began in June. Choices you made around your birthday are now beginning to bear fruit, for better or for worse. Your closest relationships have an important role to play in everything that happens now, and you will need your mate, best friend, or partner to be supportive and understanding. Express yourself openly and honestly, and celebrate your successes while planning for what still needs improvement.


Eclipses indicate change in the area of life they impact, and are often felt for much longer than regular lunations. In cases where the eclipse makes a close aspect to planets or angles in your chart, they can be felt for up to a year. Here is what to look for during the eclipse cycle of 2021:

A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on April 25th may highlight a health issue that has been developing for some time. With somber Saturn involved, you may be dealing with a breakdown in your health that forces you to restructure the way you do things. Some of you may be experiencing difficulty at work or with your coworkers that is causing you to reevaluate your strategies. However, this is also an opportunity to improve your life through better diet and daily habits. You can emerge even stronger once you have discovered and corrected your weaknesses.

A New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus on May 10th may be the darkness before the dawn as it occurs in your 12th house of hidden matters. Important information may be revealed that will be very useful to you. As you look back on the past year and consider what has been working and what has not, you can begin to plan a better strategy for moving forward in the coming year. What you discover now should help you see the big picture much more clearly.

A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on May 25th highlights your closest relationships, and with expansive Jupiter in your 1st house of personality, some of you want your freedom while others are pushing for a more official commitment! One thing is for sure, change in your life is definitely on the way. There is no turning back now, and with your life ruler about to turn retrograde, there won’t be any quick fixes, either. One small step at a time in the right direction is all you need for now.

A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries on October 18th may be the most unpredictable of the year, as it combines with erratic Uranus in your 11th house of friends and associates. Some of you may meet amazing new people, but don’t expect stability in these new connections as Uranus in involved! Love at first sight is entirely possible; just remember that first impressions are not always reliable. This is not a good time to loan money to friends as the Moon and Uranus are in challenging aspect with expansive Jupiter in your 2nd house of personal finances. Remain steady and sensible!

A New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 3rd activates your 6th house of health and service and is a preview to events that could occur during the Full Moon in Taurus on November 17th. Serious Saturn is slowly moving through your 6th house, forcing you to become more disciplined in the way you approach your health. You may need to keep a journal of your habits and symptoms so that you can discover patterns more easily. A situation with a coworker may be about to reach critical mass… the more aware you are of any problems at work, the better. Thoughtful responsiveness will help see you through any crisis at work.

Gemini, the Twins – Description and Personality

Chatty Gemini is your star sign, which tells us that the Sun awakened the dual sign of the Twins in the Zodiac on your birthday. The Sun in astrology stands for our true character. The third sign of the zodiac, Gemini, a masculine sign, is ruled by the quick and lively planet Mercury, the messenger of the gods. A mutable (fluid and changeable) sign, Gemini governs communications, intellectual matters, and gossip! It is an air sign, which means Gemini people are ingenious, quick-witted communicators, although you are often restless, easily bored and can become frustrated by things moving too slowly.

The Sun, ruler of our inner nature, is bright in Gemini. It favours writing, other forms of communication, and travel (although beware of running around in circles just for the sake of it, or because others have imposed on your good nature). Geminians are great talkers and are usually very much in demand socially, because you are so entertaining. You’d make a great talk-show host. Gemini is the life of the party.

A Dual Sign

Being a dual sign has (of course) both an up and a down-side. You are vitally interested in what’s new and fashionable, though you have a healthy skepticism which allows you to see both sides of the image. You are a party animal, but like to sit back and analyse, or send up the whole procedure.

You multiply the effects of other people’s energy, but can become deflated if you are out of the limelight for any length of time. Your sharp wit and excellent powers of observation make you a good raconteur, although you have a tendency to exaggerate which can cause trouble with your relationships.

Ironic Wit

You really have little faith in yourself, which you mask with ironic wit or sarcasm, but in truth you can use your flexible mind to better yourself in a surprising number of ways. You spend more time talking than eating, so you are able to stay fairly slim. Your flexible bod enjoys agile sports: gymnastics, bicycling, swimming, and so on. Favorites are tennis, racquetball and similar games involving a partner. Gemini talents include design, interior decoration, arts and crafts, magic and illusion, and music.

As the day-throne of Mercury, your strengths are in communication, both the spoken and the written word, media, gossip and trivia of every conceivable variety. A mutable (changeable) sign, you are chameleon-like in your ability to blend in with your environment, yet you stand out like a beacon when you become the life of the party, with your witty remarks and seemingly limitless knowledge about all and sundry.

Multi-faceted Personality

You love zooming around, running right left and centre. As a source of information you are unparalleled and you love to keep in touch with your friends, neighbours and indeed anyone who is on your wavelength. The mobile phone, if not invented by a Gemini, was definitely invented for you – and is certainly your most treasured accessory!

Gemini rules the hands and arms, lungs, thymus gland and upper ribs; people with Gemini active in their charts are subject to injury or infection in these areas and should resist the temptation to smoke. Geminians are also subject to mental distraction and hovering between alternatives, or attempting to pursue mutually conflicting goals.

Gemini colours are yellow and light blue, and mixed colours. Your birthstone is the agate, attractively streaked with colours like the multi-faceted Geminian personality. Gemini flowers include the lilac, azalea, and lily-of-the-valley.