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Laura’s Testimonial

It’s taken me a long time, probably because there’s so much I want to say and I didn’t know where to start. But before I do I just wanted to say a very heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Susan for all your encouragement throughout the past year. My life is finally moving forward because of you.

My life over the past two years has been a roller coaster, it has been full of ups and downs, some wild corners and you even get turned completely upside down a few times. Soon you start to think, “Oh God, when will this end?!” I can’t take much more!  Susan has helped me a great deal to climb back up when things have been down and when I began to wonder whether or not it’s worth all that climbing. You also helped me realize that the ups and down are what makes life interesting and though it can be rough getting through it at times,  the ride at the end is always worth it.

You have turned my feelings of confusion around and gave me a sense of clarity, strength and compassion. You have taught me to see things from other people’s point of view and  and I think I am a better person today because of it. Sometimes we get frustrated when we see nothing physically happening, but that doesn’t mean something isn’t happening which I have discovered. Things have a habit of happening in their own mysterious ways. So all I can say is to keep the faith and believe.

I have had various reading in the past, the majority of which have been very vague and non descriptive and have left me feeling more frustrated and angry afterwards as I felt the reader didn’t connect with me or my situation. But from the very first reading I had with Susan back in April 2010 which seems so long ago now, I felt that instant connection. Susan immediately gave me many validations which blew me away with their accuracy and detail. I have a habit of writing everything down as sometimes you find things don’t make sense at the time of the reading, but later unfold and transpire.

But what amazed me more, was she was able to tell me about a guy I had been thinking about and had fallen for. OMG when she started described him to me by the colour of his hair, his twinkly eyes, his height, his accent, his professional career, how and where we met etc…. and numerous more details that she couldn’t have known because I hadn’t told a soul certainly grabbed my attention.  It was as if he was standing right there in front of her. I was shocked to say the least, no one had ever done that before. Not only did she tell me what the guy in question thought about me, she was able to tell me how I felt about him, and that the connection which I felt when we both first met, he felt it too. When make me feel very relieved that I wasn’t imagining it all. She told me about colleagues of his, his new work venture which I didn’t even know about, but when I did go and check it all out, it was unbelievably spot on every bit of it. So I get pleasure in telling Susan, remember what you told me last time about such a thing or about so and so, yes you were right yet again.

Again she was able to tune into a tense situation that had arisen with family members.

I knew what outcome I wanted but wasn’t sure just was to do or say and her advice and guidance really worked. I handled the situation calmly and felt in control, and there has been no further confrontations since.

Over the past year, our readings together have deepened with time, and are now full of depth, intensity, mystery and intrigue. The readings are no longer just between the two of us. She has told me that my guy is the one, and it’s funny because he now pops into our readings on a regular basis these days, as does Spirits from his family side, which is so so exciting and totally surreal.  The most memorably reading I have had to date and which I will never forget was around Valentine’s Day, the three of us discuss how he and I felt about each other, moving house, getting engagement, “the ring”, and I was told he knows what I like and he described the exact ring I had pictured, getting married, going on honeymoon, the location surprised me as its one of my favourite places, having our baby girl and we were even in agreement on her name. The reading had me in tears it was so moving and emotional and I will never forget it.  She also gave me numerous timescales regarding him, and I am so looking forward to our life together and know that are edging ever closer all the time. It has taken us such a long time to get this far with all the challenges that have come our way, but I can finally see the winning line in sight and victory will be ours shortly.

She is one of the few readers whose accuracy I totally trust beyond doubt.  She will tell you the truth and sometimes it’s not always what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. My life at the moment is like a fictional book, and each reading with Susan is like the next chapter, which are full of surprises every time. I highly recommend Susan. She is truly a remarkable lady and one of a kind, and I wouldn’t keep going back for further readings with her is she wasn’t so accurate and honest. There isn’t a single thing that she has told me that has turned out to be inaccurate or misleading and I should know as I write everything down.

Laura Ireland – June 2011


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