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Leo Love Compatibility

Personal charm and physical magnetism make you the centre of attention, which of course is very much to your satisfaction… An ardent lover, your enthusiasm and passion must be returned in equal measure, or you may become bored and dissatisfied with your wimpy partner. A weak partner invites you to completely dominate the scene, a situation which is less than ideal for both parties. In every case you need to keep your ego under control, even when surrounded by admirers and sycophants.

Leo, a masculine sign, is self-sufficient, confident and tends to bravado. Most of you fabulous cats have a positive attitude to love and sex, but there are those among you who suffer excruciating pangs of anxiety in relationship. Why, you ask? Well, simply put, it is fear that the reality may not live up to the unduly grandiose image that you seek to present to the world. Sexual anxiety may become so intense in some cases as to generate frigidity or impotence. So in a relationship, Leo loves to be the central, pivotal point around which all things revolve. A romantic and a dreamer, you make your dreams come true because you have strength, determination and a blithe faith in yourself – a faith which can overcome obstacles with that characteristic ease which seems so remarkable to more introverted souls.

Some Leo’s can find themselves clinging to bad relationships or mistaken beliefs, because their egos simply will not allow them to admit to being wrong. However, such typical tenacity becomes an asset when shown as loyalty to friends, or as patience and determination to succeed.

Leo’s emblem is the noble Lion. This dignified king of the jungle symbolises the regal disposition of the Leo personality. However, standing on your pride when insulted or abused, you rarely forget a slight (unless of course your detractors sincerely, humbly and grovellingly crave forgiveness, whereupon you may magnanimously deign to pardon the miserable creatures). It must, moreover, be said that you are quite forthright in your opinions, which themselves need have no close relationship with the facts – and you certainly like to have the last word in any discussion.

In the art of lovemaking, Leo is ardent and willing, although not necessarily particularly creative. Your performance is usually considered by you to be generally excellent, but a worthy partner (who has a little more slyness and cunning than you would ever stoop to) can improve the quality and variety of your lovelife by smoothly introducing new ideas without seeming to ruffle your pride.

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