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Virgo Love Compatibility

Virgo, a feminine sign, is fastidious, practical and realistic rather than romantic. Flexible Virgo, a mutable sign, readily adapts to change. Instinctively responsive to the needs of others, you readily adapt to different people and changing circumstances by finding ways to make yourself useful. When the spotlight is not aimed directly at you, but on a product or a service you offer, you make an excellent salesperson, or effective negotiator and can be a good manager, though you should avoid being too critical of those who cannot match your high personal standards.

Now some Virgoans are not above using an inability to achieve perfection as the excuse for their own idleness and unproductiveness. Tut, tut. This is out of character with your true nature. Sloppy, disorganized, and irresponsible is not the Virgoan Way.

Moreover, your own bad habits do not in the least inhibit you from criticizing others for the same behaviour. Your analytical ability makes you an excellent critic of the talent and performance of those more skilled than yourself. Whatever you do needs to be of a practical and helpful nature; you need not wallow in self-criticism because you yourself fail to meet those same unrealistic standards.

In the art of lovemaking, Virgo is a slow-burning fuse that, once properly ignited, leads to an explosion of white heat which takes quite a while to cool down.

You are however very fastidious and critical of the personal habits of others, which can be a big turn-off and prevent you from achieving a fulfilling relationship, or even participating at all in the messy business of involvement.

Able to talk your way into or out of anything, you are generally perceived to be quite witty and entertaining, if a tad too critical and prone to hypochondria. You are unwilling to discuss your innermost feelings with anyone save a very trusted confidante, so anyone who wishes to get to know you deeply must be prepared to persevere, in which case you will prove a lifelong friend and ally, who can reach great heights of sexual attainment.

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