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Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

Bold Aries, the Ram, with audacious Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, can really set the world on fire. It’s a match that thrives on fun and adventure. With a dose of tact and understanding, this great love affair could turn into something very special. Sometimes the Ram can be rather too possessive and demanding, but both signs are highly-sexed, so there is rarely any dampening of the ardour. You are well suited, for you are both very active and ambitious, enjoying a wide range of interests – and equally eager for sexual fun.

Aries, a Fire Sign, is ruled by dynamic Mars, while Aquarius, an Air Sign, is governed by structured Saturn and outrageous Uranus. Mars of course is about taking the initiative and Aries, a creative, cardinal sign, is always full of new ideas. Saturn is concerned with structure and Uranus is all about the power of change, so Aquarius is adventurous, unorthodox and determined. You will find fabulously original ways to put the Ram’s sometimes ill-thought-out plans into execution. There is little competition between you, for Aries loves the glory and adores a challenge, while Aquarius is more concerned with the method and meaning of the procedures, and in following lightly-trodden tracks to their ultimate conclusion.

Intellectually you are well suited, for you both have a wide range of interests and love to talk about them. You are more detached and intellectual about problems than Aries, who becomes more personally involved. The field of your imaginative temperament provides forceful Aries with a place to play. Sexually, Aries is passionate and loves to enjoy the sprit and full expression of your originality. You won’t try to tie each other down, for you understand the other’s need for freedom, adventure, and outside interests.

Neither of you likes to be dominated, but for the sake of concord, Aries should usually be allowed to take the lead. Depending on your mood, you may or may not follow your Arien lover’s strong lead. Aries finds your unpredictability exciting, but never feels entirely secure. Iron out the ego problems and anything is possible, even marriage and family life.

You are well matched in your enthusiasm, energy, and drive. Common interests, great sex, and a mutual love of achievement make Aries and Aquarius a perfect match.