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Capricorn and Leo Compatibility

The Lion and the Seagoat are an unlikely couple, but sometimes this combination can work very well. There seems to be a karmic connection between you, especially when you are connected through family relationships. When the two of you put aside your pride and work together for a common purpose, this can be a very rewarding partnership.

Leo is ruled by the self-oriented Sun and has a natural sense pride and dignity. The Lion or Lioness wants to look good to the rest of the world and will appreciate your high standards and solid, conservative nature. Your dignified manner and serious outlook often wins Leo’s respect… and if Leo respects you, you can have the Big Cat eating out of your hand in no time! In fact, you seem to be able to handle the high-handed Lion better than most, getting them to do their share of the workload while still purring contentedly. Leo often looks on the bright side of life and can cheer you up when you have a case of the Saturnine blues. In return, your realistic and practical nature is the perfect antidote for when Leo’s head gets lost in the clouds.

Because Leo is an impulsive, emotional Fire Sign and Capricorn is a practical, controlled Earth Sign, you will have to learn to respect and tolerate each other’s different temperaments. Leo can scorch you with his or her unbridled enthusiasm and legendary temper tantrums, while you are just as likely to smother Leo with your pessimistic moods and old-fashioned ideas. You have the power to destroy each other if you don’t learn to appreciate and cherish the different qualities you each bring to the relationship. As a Cardinal Sign, you were born to lead. Leo is a Fixed Sign and won’t mind if you take the lead, so long as he or she is the one calling the shots behind the scenes. Together, you can be a formidable team… if you have decided it is worth the effort it will take to work together.

This is not the easiest combination in the Zodiac and works best when more harmonious aspects between Moon and Ascendant exist. When both of you want it to work, this can be a very strong partnership. Otherwise, it might not be worth the trouble.