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Capricorn and Sagittarius Compatibility

The rowdy Archer doesn’t seem to have much in common with you, but this can still be a reasonably good combination. You will first have to learn to appreciate your fundamental differences before you can feel comfortable together, but once you do, you can be a very successful team.

Sagittarius is ruled by expansive, optimistic Jupiter, which is in sharp contrast to your more conservative, reserved Saturnine nature. The Archer might accuse you of being a pessimistic wet blanket, but you see yourself as a practical, dependable realist! The Archer may strike you as being quixotic and irresponsible, but he sees himself as being idealistic and progressive. The truth is more likely to be somewhere in the middle, but it might be hard for either of you to see. The Archer’s optimism helps to temper your inclination to doom-saying, while your no-nonsense style helps the Archer to reach his most cherished goals. Both of you understand the importance of working towards accomplishments, and here you can find common ground.

Sagittarius is a dynamic Fire Sign while you are a more laid back Earth Sign, making it imperative to respect your temperamental differences. Enthusiastic Sagittarius can inspire you to keep aiming ever higher, while you can demonstrate the wisdom of the slow but steady climb to the top. Because Sagittarius is of a Mutable nature, he or she is mainly concerned with communication and won’t mind if you want to take the lead. However, you will need to make the effort to express and explain yourself more frequently. Even though many Sagittarius have the gift of foresight, they don’t necessary possess telepathy! Communicate your ideas, your plans, your goals, and your feelings if you want the Archer to lend support and energy to your endeavours.

This is not the easiest combination in the Zodiac and will benefit from more compatible Moon and Ascendant placements. The two of you have very different personalities but can agree on the need to have purpose and direction. When committed to the same goals and values, you can become a great team, otherwise the re will be too much mutual annoyance for the relationship to survive when the first flames burn low.