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Libra and Aries Compatibility

When Libra, the Scales, first meets Aries, the Ram, attraction glitters in the air. Charming Venus (your life-ruler) encounters energetic Mars, the passionate ruler of the Ram. That Venus smile of yours engages the ready willingness of Mars – and a fuse is lit for fireworks in the bedroom!

The key to this encounter is that while you’re wondering how it will work and where it will go and whether you should, the Ram is ready for action. This is half the attraction. This decisive creature is fascinating and magnetic and you’ll be swept along by the Ram’s delight in discovering you. But will this last?

Both of you are romantics. But where your natural ideal is achieved through harmony, the Ram boldly overcomes opposition to possess his heart’s desire. At first, you’ll love the Ram’s independence and flair. However, in time, if you want to maintain the peace, you’ll have to forgive many peccadilloes born of haste or impatience. Can the Ram learn to say ‘sorry’ without losing the naive charm and initiative you love? Hmmm. Something to ponder on.

Aries, a Fire Sign, finds your elegant style fascinating, but may interpret your love of cooperation as interest, since Rams believe they are the most interesting things in the world. Fire signs personalize experience and see the ‘self’ as the centre. Show your Ram that you see many things outside you as interesting and it is your job to weigh them up.

You each love drama and have passionate concerns. On this roller-coaster ride, the Ram’s impulses may clash with your need to ponder. You enjoy examining your options at length, but the Ram is ready to take a wrong track, then put it right rather than wait. Rams have little sympathy with the agony of indecision. You, on the other hand, will find Ram’s rashness wearing. You can be powerful allies if you work out a mutual process, but if you don’t, you will rarely agree on how to tackle anything.

Aries and Libra are Cardinal Signs, so your Ram will have to learn to give in now and then or pay a price. Mutual effort at domestic harmony will be essential, as you love debate but don’t care for conflict. Guide your Ram from the field of battle to the negotiation table. This can be an exciting match if you learn to rely on each other. Without such reliance, your Fire and Air will flash like a Roman Candle, then fizzle out.