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” The numerology (report) was awesome, I really, really enjoyed reading it. I’d say 90% of it is true. Thank you, thank you soooo much for doing that for me.”

Susie Knight – Teacher Canada April 2016

” Sue is the REAL DEAL ….. I highly recommend her!!! I promise you will not be disappointed :))”

Jane Hopper – Vet Somerset March 2016

” I am very grateful to have been guided to Sue for a reading. She is divinely gifted and a wonderful guide to those of us who are seeking the path where our highest good awaits.”

Elena Grayfer – Retail Nottingham March 2016

” About six months ago, I consulted Sue about my business and relationship. She told me a series of things and honestly, I didn’t believe a word she said. Around a month later after we had spoken a few times, things started happening she had predicted, and from there most of what she had told me came true! Sue clearly sees the future like nobody else. I use her for everything.”

Penelope Kokkinou – Travel Agent London March 2016

” Hi Susie – oooohhhhh my goodness – had to give you some feedback about your accuracy and wisdom. After I talked to you – you said – No – he doesn’t sound good and he is not looking for a relationship – he is hiding something – you’re were totally right! he was married and had another woman pregnant!! Ahhhh. ”

Liz Staines – Nurse Birmingham February 2016

” Having spoken to Sue, in the beginning I was put off by how direct and blunt she can be, then I had a light bulb moment and realised she was right on so many things and straight in without wasting my time. So I appreciate her bluntness and honesty now and call her when I need the truth. She will only say it exactly as she see it. Sue has been spot on with everything she told me with so much detail and accuracy. ”

Francesca Lupi – Retail Manchester February 2016
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