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” When I need to make a decision – and I need a celestial pep talk to get me on the right path … there’s only one person I call Psychic Sue.”

Alexander Frank – Student London UK May 2017

” My experience of Sue, She has the wisdom of a sage and the skill of a master. Her uncanny ability to put a voice to my intuitive thoughts is deeply affirming …. and the insights she offers on everything (from business to real estate, finances and relationships) could only come from a genuine psychic of her caliber. It is an honour, blessing and privilege to experience a reading with Sue. ”

Dr S G – Clinical Psychologist USA May 2017

” I just wanted to add that I completely endorse the views of others. What else can I add – Sue I’ve been reading with you now for over 10 years, you have been completely accurate in everything you’ve told me.
It again goes without saying you have impressed me completely and the insight, confidence and guidance given so far has been invaluable on my difficult journey. I am truly grateful. ”

Florence Trusseau – Business Owner Paris France April 2017

” Sue has an intelligent approach to every situation, nothing fazes her! She always has a clear explanation and her delivery and the way she imparts information is perfect for me – a no nonsense person, totally inspiring and absolutely courageous …. say no more. ”

Simon W – Journalist South Africa April 2017

” Wow! All the dates, initials, details, everything you told me has happened exactly as you described it. I’m so impressed Sue and deeply grateful, I listen to you, applying what you tell me in essence making the right decisions. Thank you so much, I’m looking forward to meeting you in Hong Kong this year. ”

Milly Tsu – Hotelier Hong Kong April 2017

” Sue, you were right! My ex did return once he had sorted out his financial affairs and yes we are moving abroad with his new job, you told me we would move to Dubai … we are! I just couldn’t see how at the time as I was in a complete fog. Thank you sue so much for your help, I will definitely call you once we move. ”

Lauren A Beckett – IT Consultant London UK March 2017
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