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“I had another reading with Susan today and yet again found her to be incredibly perceptive and intuitive. She shocked me a little with how specific she was on certain aspects. Over the last few months I have seen things start to unfold as she has previously predicted. I love her readings because she comes across as both ethical and truthful which is rare in this industry. Make no mistake Susan will tell you like it is which I found so refreshing. She asks very few questions nor uses platitudes or generalisations. I believe she is a true guide in this lifetime and that, rather than trying to predict outcomes, she is striving to help me understand how to live my life fully in the present! For anyone seeking an intelligent, detailed and enlightening reading I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Jacky Wake – Birmingham Jan 2012

“I would like to thank Sue – this wonderful girl has helped me tremendously to get through a very difficult and challenging time – a time when I spiralled downwards with lots of changes that were totally unexpected! Sue helped me understand and awoke in me my own psychic abilities and spiritual path I now walk down. She also helped me clear away many serious issues giving me comfort in knowing the decisions I was taking were the right ones. Never before had I contacted a psychic for help – but the past months have brought so many new and surprising changes and challenges that only an excellent psychic could help me with. This extraordinary girl knew exactly why I was calling, who I wanted to connect with and why I needed psychic intervention – I do recommend her – the Ribbon method is incredible her insight is beyond all measures, she delivers the information with directness, honesty and grace.
Thank you so much.”

Nancy – Politician USA Jan 2012

“Oh Wow. I just had a reading with Sue, I couldn’t believe it – absolutely the loveliest of people. She knew about things that had happened 10 years ago ( down to the month and year) and with my current ( incredibly odd!) situation.”

Richard Hammond – London Jan 2012

“Susan has been helping me for almost 2 years now and helped me through a very difficult part of my life. Susan helped me with practical advice on how to get through these stressful situations, actions to prevent situations worsening, and also advice on how to protect myself from future problems.

Susan has also helped me in other ways even more valuable than that, She has given me back the confidence I had lost and the courage to believe in me again something I thought I had lost forever. So much so I was a shadow of the person I once was and didn’t think I would ever be me again. I really do not think I would be who I am or how I am now if I had not of met her.

Susan’s psychic abilities are very accurate so much so I have taken to disbelieving what I am told until Susan confirms it. Time and time again she has given me answers no one could have guessed and seen things coming no one would have foreseen. Thank you so much Susan !!!!!”

Sarah W – Jan 2012

“I’ve had several readings with Sue using her famous ribbon- reading method as well as colour – selection and she’s fabulous. She tunes in and tells you stuff without any prompting at all. A real STAR.”

Edward Thomas – TV journalist Dec 2011

“About five years ago I first spoke to Susan as I was unhappy in my home life. She told me she saw another man I would meet, she described everything about him – I have to say I did not believe it at the time. Sure enough this man unexpectedly came into my life this year, so I contacted Susan again, she said he is the one but he comes with baggage! How right was she – it hasn’t been plain sailing, he has made a massive error in judgement which I would not normally forgive, but with Susan’s continual support and guidance she is helping me to forgive this man and sort the rest of my life out so we may achieve that happy life together. Every time I start to fall to pieces she makes me feel very calm, uplifted and optimistic. During one of our readings she told me could smell lavender and the name Daisy kept coming through – it was my Nan and she always wore lavender! Susan is exceptional human being, extremely talented, don’t hesitate to call.”

Denise Hall – West Yorkshire Nov 2011
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