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” Sue you gave me a good talking to which is exactly what I needed as I couldn’t see the wood for the trees! – thank you for your patience.
You were bang on with the financial situation, he’d done exactly what you said he would do and the money was gone! However I found it exactly where you said it would be, I now have clarity and called a lawyer to take over. Aah so much calmer now, totally relieved …. am I glad I called you that night. ”

Karen Spitz – Investment Banker New York USA February 2017

” Excellent reading, totally confirmed multiple events that were happening in my life right now, even down to the new puppy we’d just bought (Maisie) Sue told me about a celebration of a pregnancy – yep she was right my son and his wife just announced they are pregnant!
Very happy with my Psychic …. Sue. ”

Mary Bush – Management Consultant Dubai February 2017

” Sue is fantastic. Worth every penny! You won’t be disappointed. No questions asked, just goes straight in and gets down to the nitty gritty of the problem. Saved me a lot of money ….. now I don’t call anybody else. Thank you Sue. ”

Faye Ryan – Banking Ireland February 2017

” Sue made me feel great, giving me hope and optimism for the future, she has a lovely personality making me feel at ease ….. I feel as though I’ve known her all my life, she is amazing.”

Sean O’Rourke – Business Owner London UK January 2017

” Hello Sue, Thank you for seeing myself and Katie yesterday, it was lovely to meet you, I kicked myself on the way home I wanted reassurance that Katie would be ok, as the last few years have been hard work and I have spent all my days worrying about her. I shall have to come back. She was very upbeat about her reading which pleased me very much. Once again thank you and very best wishes. ”

Anna L – Mother and Daughter UK January 2017

” I just wanted to say how accurate and spot on Sue is. My first ever reading she told me my ex had a daughter and a new partner when he was telling me he was single and I was wrong for not wanting to reconcile. Effectively trying to gas light me into letting him have his cake and eat it.

It turns out this was completely accurate; his new partner was pregnant at the time of the reading and she gave birth to their daughter recently.

Sue also warned me about change at work which was accurate.

She also helped me get to the bottom of issues with liquidating our joint assets to finalise the split by selling joint property as being financial on our buyers part and I was able to target my questions to reveal this to be correct and provide help and guidance to everyone involved as they hadn’t encountered this issue before.

I’m therefore looking forward to all the positive things she’s seen coming for me soon. ”

Ann L – Government Official UK January 2017
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