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” Wow!! Sue she just connected with my situation, she was so spot on. Thank you, you are truly gifted and I just love talking to you. I will definitely call again. Highly recommended.”

Gillian Barberi – Designer Entrepreneur Canada December 2016

” Brilliant couldn’t believe how accurate Sue was. Thank you so much for giving me my confidence to move on. Sue I’ll connect with you in 2017 have a very Happy Christmas.”

Katy Wood – Journalist South Africa December 2016

” Great girl! Talks a huge amount of sense and got my situation down to a tee. She knew the girl I’d rung about better than I did. Thank you sue.”

Peter D – Business Owner Australia November 2016

” Lovely reading. Sue picked up on so many areas of my life, past, present and future. She didn’t ask me many questions and the information just flowed from her! Great to listen to and I’m sure she would help anybody else calling her in just the same way. Many thanks sweetheart speak in the new year! ”

Charlie Herbert – Finance Geneva November 2016

” Sue reaches deep inside and holds up a mirror to you ….. that’s shows you the path you need to be following very clearly! In a word GENIUS! Sue is brilliant, smart, funny – Call her now if you are looking for the truth! Love and hugs to you Sue xx ”

Patty S – Musician California USA November 2016

” Well all I can say is I wish I had spoken to you months ago as it would have saved me a lot of heartache and money! Thank you for explaining why I got lumbered with this dishonest guy. It has really helped me come to terms with what’s happened. I now understand my spiritual purpose in life – amazing really! Thanks a million sue xx ”

Sarah Shultz – CEO New York November 2016
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