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” I have had several readings with Sue, they have been completely accurate. She said my son would get an early release, and he did, 17 months early. She also said I would move to a small village close to a church, I did!! I’ve set up a telephone reading once a week with her for the next month! Love her. ”

Sheila Fitzpatrick – Gym Teacher Ireland June 2016

” I can only echo what others have told me about Sue. She has a real connection with spirit and will amaze you with the information she picks up. I recommend you try her service to confirm this for yourself. I am extremely impressed and will consult her in the future.”

Francis McClearly – Retired Law Enforcement Officer USA May 2016

” I will never go to another Psychic again, Sue is the BEST! I only want readings from her! Count me in as a lifetime customer! Her 1 hour reading ROCKED MY WORLD FOR THE BETTER! I’m constantly recommending her to everyone I know, I’ve sent her more than 25 new customers over the last year Her exceptional gift will benefit others in finding comfort and peace in their lives.”

Maggy McDonald – Cafe Owner Portugal May 2016

” Psychic Sue is FREAKING AMAZING!! I had my first reading with her back in 2015 Man O Man, she is the bomb, I was just amazed about all the messages she got from the other side. She was SPOT ON!!

Dean Troy – Wall Street trader New York USA May 2016

” The telephone reading that we shared a few weeks ago was spot on, and I feel empowered. Thank you.”

Jane Mckay – Student Florida April 2016

” Thank you Sue for such an amazing reading, you hit the nail on the head with everything!! Not even a trained Psychologist could have been able to provide me with what you have. I am so grateful to be able to speak to you.”

Elizabeth Acreman – Retired Birmingham April 2016
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