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Libra and Gemini Compatibility

It’s definitely an instant attraction! You’ll love the lure of high-spirited Gemini the instant your eyes lock. Your shared style, variety and excitement will have no trouble keeping the interest fresh. This fabulous, enthusiastic match could easily move to the bedroom then spill into the social life and beyond. And, speaking of the bedroom, where love for you is an endless frolic, the two of you will really launch into lift-off. You are both in love with love and Gemini’s light touch and witty manner will charm and enthral you. You both love to experiment, yet neither of you is jealous, or horribly possessive like some Signs we could name. It’s an ideal combination.

There’s just so much to talk about, for the winds of Venus in Libra blend well with the agile breezes of Mercury in Gemini. Your social needs are compatible, for you are both inquiring, affectionate and full of life. You both love making friends, though you enjoy keeping them, where the Twins are drawn to fresh faces.

Mental pursuits and communication are the domain of the Air Sign, so together you will discuss and question, cruising a broad range of topics. Debate between strong-minded (though indecisive) Scales and curious Twins will be rich and varied. Though you both express the Air element, Libra is actually a Cardinal Sign and likes to triumph, while the Mutable Twins will play Devil’s advocate, taking the contrary position. Debate can become complex and drawn out, but you both enjoy making adjustments and balancing different elements. Libra will shift position just as often as Gemini changes mind.

While you both have charm, the sense of style may vary. Tasteful Libra, the focal point of elegance and chic, may wonder at the array of colours selected by scatty Gemini. However, despite the occasional clash of head and heart, this partnership is well favoured romantically and in business, especially in the arts or communications. Indecisive Libra will happily be advised but must, in the end, make the final decision, despite your reputation for wavering. Libra is the leader, where Gemini is a willing and able associate.

Move from the brainstorm to the realm of practical action, for, with all this Air, the whirlwind of ideas can leave nothing concrete in its wake. There will be lots of discussion but not a lot of action. You both know how to charm others into doing things for you, but check your charts for Earth energy before you try to conquer the world.

You have fun together and complement one another well (as long as you maintain focus). It’s a deliciously perfect match.