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Sue has over forty years experience as a Psychic…

“I inherited my Psychic abilities from my grandmother, whose healing circles I joined at the tender age of 14. I started giving predictions to family and friends who were totally amazed at how incredibly detailed I was! As my dream was to become a fashion model and move to America, having this gift was not my vocation in life. (Or so I thought!)
At 22 I achieved my dream of becoming a fashion model and living in California, it was there that my Psychic abilities became more apparent.

Since returning to the UK I have run a number of workshops on Psychic development, Astrology and Numerology. I have a degree in Psychology and practice the very powerful ”  7 Habits of Highly Effective People” written by the amazing Dr Stephen Covey. I’ve always been insatiably curious.   When I was young, I read everything I could about every single esoteric subject you could think of.  I studied the evolution of magic and shamanism.  I learned about crystals, spirit guides, and how to develop psychic intuition. I read books on astrology, the Law of Attraction and hermetic magic principles, as well as many ancient spiritual texts. I also devoured everything I could about psychology. Along with all of this, the hugely exciting field of quantum physics truly captured my imagination.
Overall, I found it amazing that in many fields science seemed to be catching up with or echoing things that ancient shamanic wisdom and spiritual texts had told us all along; that we are all one, for example, or that by understanding how our brain works we could quite literally change our minds and, with an application of the principles of magic, manifest a different future.

I absolutely adore technology.  Thanks to the world wide web, it is possible for us to get access to the work of the world’s leading thinkers in any imaginable subject. When I launched my website, it was with the aim of creating a single place where science and spirituality met, so that I could pull together everything that I had every studied into one coherent whole.  Having studied such a wide variety of subjects, I felt that each one of them held part of the answer, but there was always something missing.  Science is exciting and some of the ideas it puts forward, such as the notion that there are many different universes all coexisting in the same space, are frankly far more outlandish than anything I have ever studied in the evolution of magic!  Exciting as science is, however, I feel that it lacks an understanding of how to create the miracles that I know from my own life are possible.  At the same time, manifestation and the principles of the Law of Attraction resonate strongly with me, but many people find them a leap too far to embrace without the backing of the science that I believe can explain them. That’s how Quantum Creating, my own approach to manifestation, was born.  I am constantly searching for new information and discoveries that illuminate our world on a daily basis.

The website is my passion, I hope it is a place where you can visit and find the answers you are looking for.”

Lots of love xxx

Psychic Sue