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Feel free to browse though my many testimonials left by my wonderful clients. I encourage everyone who has a reading with me to leave one, and I add them here very regularly.


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” Sue is an exceptional talent, truly gifted and a very sweet person. Sue’s readings are simply the best. I took Mum yellow roses as you suggested. Thank you Sue, lots of love from Australia. ”

Maryanne Stellar – Hotelier Sydney Australia June 2017

” Having had a reading with this lovely lady Sue, she is very calming as well as accurate, I will definitely be having another reading with her in the very near future, Sue is the only person I’ve spoken to regarding my personal problems that managed to resolve my worries and I finished the reading feeling completely in control of my life again. ”

Natalie Warren – Retail Middle East June 2017

” It has been sometime since I last spoke to Sue – as soon as she heard who was on the line the two us chatted like old friends. Insights & validations flowed easily as always. It’s wonderful to have Sue in my corner! Thank you and love from Toronto. ”

Freddie G – Musician, Actor Toronto Canada June 2017

” Frankly, I was sceptical about psychic readings. I came across Sue’s website and spent a lot of time reading her articles. Sue seemed to have a lot of depth to her, not the average telephone psychic as advertised on TV or in magazines. One day I found myself needing guidance so decided to give her a call and was extremely happy with my reading, Sue was chillingly accurate, she told me all about my life including my current situation and a difficult problem I’m encountering at the moment, she is precise giving places, times, dates etc etc. Wow I’m impressed. ”

Mona Stringer – Hairdresser Iowa USA May 2017

” Sue is an extraordinary psychic. I found her insight and knowledge to be extremely accurate. Sue is warm and friendly having a positive energy that permeates throughout the reading making you feel comfortable giving you total belief in what she is telling you, her descriptive encounters with angels is extraordinary and very interesting. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a gifted remarkable psychic like Sue. Thank you. ”

Ursula Choudrey – Writer California USA May 2017
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